This website contains information about old Imagevue X2. Click here for information about NEW X3.

About Imagevue

Information about Imagevue

About Imagevue


Imagevue is a small group of designers and developers who focus on image- and gallery solutions for the web. Our main project is the Imagevue Gallery, which is basically an online gallery system for showcasing photographs, portfolios or anything with pictures in it. As the web matures, we are constantly looking to create improved gallery solutions and frontends.

Imagevue saw the break of dawn way back in 2003 when we released one of the first modern-day gallery solutions in the form of Imagevue V1. Since then, we spent many years with Imagevue X2, and since 2014 we have been working towards launch of new Imagevue X3 [Demo].


Although we are mostly dedicated to improvements and solutions related to Imagevue, we have also been involved with a few separate projects. Take a look!

Work with us!

We are constantly looking to build new gallery frontends, and we believe the evolving Imagevue core is a solid fundament. The Imagevue core can run any gallery- or slideshow website, and clients can manage their gallery with the Imagevue Control Panel. If you are a skilled developer/designer and have ideas about gallery-related solutions, feel free to get in touch!


Guns for hire!

We are also available for custom client projects if they are related to gallery- or photography solutions in general. Perhaps you have something in mind that can be built upon the Imagevue core? We are also available to work with Imagevue customers who simply need help to setup their gallery – We made Imagevue, so we are the experts! Contact us for more information.

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