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Imagevue Updatelog

Preparing for Imagevue X3

March 9th, 2015By mjau-mjauNo Comments

As some of you already know, we have been working for quite some time on the new Imagevue X3 gallery, which is very different in style and function from X2. Times have changed, and so have devices, technologies, trends and visitor expectations – X3 is a hypermodern gallery, with strong focus on design, functionality, flexibility and performance.

We launched X3 Beta a few months ago, and several users are already using it in production. Although there is still a lot of features to include, within the next 2 months we will be launching a public release of X3.

Imagevue X3 Demo
Preview the new Imagevue X3 gallery.

You may wish to check also, which is running X3, and was used as a prototype-website while developing Imagevue X3.

Imagevue X3 Forums
Find more information about the Imagevue X3 gallery in our new X3 forums.

Imagevue X3 Documentation
Some basic X3 documentation is available already.

Imagevue X3 Dedicated Hosting
We are also launching our own dedicated X3 hosting service at, which offers superior speed, performance and compatibility. Find more information in this forum post. Maintenance

The next few months will also see many changes on the website, as we are looking to create a new home for the Imagevue X3 project. We want to get rid of the tedious WordPress CMS, and replace it with a new design running from our own Imagevue X3 framework!

We have currently closed comments on this website, so if you wish to communicate, please use the forums or contact us directly.


Why can’t I login to download any more?
We have currently removed the login to download Imagevue X2. Instead, you can just navigate to the downloads section, and simply download latest version of X2. You will still need to use your license to authorize the gallery, so nothing really changes

How can I download X3 Beta?
We currently offer X3 beta only per request so that we can limit the issues we may need to deal with. Join the forums, or send us a request us by email.

What will be the price of X3 when it is launched?
We have not yet decided new prices for Imagevue X3, but likely it will be similar to the prices for X2, and current X2 license-owners will be offered a 50% discount.

When is the public launch date of Imagevue X3?
X3 will be launched public in the next few months, within May. Until then, the beta is available.

Can I easily upgrade from Imagevue X2 to X3?
You can upgrade your X2 content (folders and images) to X3, but you will need to apply all new settings, and re-create page settings manually. The reason for this, is that X2 and X3 are two entirely different gallery platforms in technical and functional terms.

Imagevue X2.8.9

April 8th, 2013By mjau-mjau49 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.9 › A few new features and some fixes.

How to Upgrade →

  • Sitemap.xml: ?p=sitemap.xml
  • New menu logo link option
  • Fix for video playback on some mobile devices
  • Fix for the new dashboard

Imagevue X2.8.8.2

March 18th, 2013By NickComment (1)

Imagevue X2.8.8.2 › A few maintenance fixes.

How to Upgrade →

  • Fix for Upload Resize always being forced
  • New RSS feed parser in Dashboard
  • Fix for TinyMCE insert images dimensions

Imagevue X2.8.8.1

March 4th, 2013By mjau-mjau2 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.8.1 › A few fixes.

How to Upgrade →

  • Fix for ‘Error when loading’ in Flash gallery
  • Fix for HTML Textpages bug introduced in a previous release
  • Fix for contact form on some servers
  • Fix for mobile Google Analytics

Imagevue X2.8.8

February 7th, 2013By mjau-mjau2 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.8 › Several fixes and lazy loading.

How to Upgrade

  • Lazy loading images in mobile gallery
  • Favicon for Internet Explorer 10
  • Mobile video player in Images mode
  • Added audio player pause if Youtube/vimeo lightbox video
  • Fixed Mobile gallery on iPhone 5
  • Fixed Mobile links on images, thumbnails, description and textpages
  • Fixed Video Thumbnails with spaces and quotes in file names
  • Fixed Resize on Upload
  • Fixed close button removal, if not autohide, when navigating from picture to textpage
  • Fixed map view

Imagevue X2.8.7

December 30th, 2012By mjau-mjau10 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.7 › Fixed a few minor issues including progress bar.

How to Upgrade

  • Added optional progress indicators: bar, spin, none. settings.image.image.progress_bar
  • Fixed progress bar
  • Setting for disabling mouse panning on full scale settings.image.image.image_panning
  • Improved MP3, MP4 file handling
  • Restricted user can’t delete or change its home folder
  • Numerical user names are accepted
  • Added Czech language

Imagevue X2.8.6

December 4th, 2012By mjau-mjau4 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.6 › Fixed a few minor issues.

How to Upgrade

  • Added slideshow(autoplay) mode for mobile.
  • Fixed filemod slideshow missing fade transition
  • Fixed lightbox not responding to size parameters
  • Fix for multi-lingual site title
  • Fix for password on some servers
  • Fix for migrations from the old version
  • Fix for uploading files with non-latin characters

Imagevue X2.8.5

November 13th, 2012By mjau-mjau4 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.5 › Fixed a critical loading bug with thumbnails, that appeared after Adobe released their latest Flash player. Read more

How to Upgrade

  • Fixed thumbnails loading bugRead more
  • Smarter HTML redirect if flash is not installed
  • jQuery Mobile 1.2.0
  • Updated French translation
  • Updated German translation

Imagevue X2.8.4

September 30th, 2012By mjau-mjau5 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.4 › A few minor fixes to various issues, and a few functional updates.

How to Upgrade

  • Fix for Fotomoto bug
  • Renamed jquery.cookie.js to prevent issues on some servers
  • Zoom images in Mobile version
  • Custom Mobile ‘Add to Home Page’ text
  • CSS classes available for tabs in settings (so they can be hidden if necessary)
  • Support for m4v video extension
  • Improved Video Thumbnail Creation
  • FFMPEG creates video thumbnail from 3 sec offset

Imagevue X2.8.3

August 29th, 2012By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Imagevue X2.8.3 › A few minor functional updates.

How to Upgrade

  • Settings/Seo/HTML Redirect to Flash if flash installed for SEO improvement.
  • Lightbox links are opened in a new window on Mobile version.
  • Fix for admin link when hosted on Windows servers.
  • FFMPEG support for video thumbnails creation (requires FFMPEG on server).
  • PHP5.4 Compatibility.
  • <br> converted to new line in HTML image titles.
  • Ability to rename users in admin.
  • Fixed clunky mobile scrolling.
  • _preview.jpg can be used for hidden folder preview images.

Imagevue X2.8.2

August 1st, 2012By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Imagevue X2.8.2 › minor update with a few fixes and new mobile features.

How to Upgrade

  • Added retina social mobile icons for footer. [docs]
  • Mobile menu keeps current folder visible
  • Option to disable mobile menu
  • Link, Purchase, View on the map mobile icons
  • Mobile Fotomoto Purchase (Tablets only)
  • Fix for links in Mobile Gallery
  • Fix for description in Mobile Gallery
  • Fix for resize multiple files uploader
  • Cleaned up the root folder
  • HTML Gallery is not required for Mobile Gallery to work
  • Auto-titling favors IPTC:Title over IPTC:Headline
  • Mobile menu with CSS animation
  • Fixed negative loading bare issue. [forum]
  • Fixed audio player restart after video lightbox close. [forum]
  • Fixed issue with menu shadow if autohide = false

Imagevue X2.8.1

July 7th, 2012By mjau-mjau4 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.1 is basically what should have been in X2.8, but didn’t make it. The main attraction of this release is the new folder-view option for mobile, which allows you to list full size images instead of thumbnails. Also of interest, is the option to open Youtube or Vimeo video on your start page with the lightbox feature.

  • Mobile folder view mode -> Thumbnails / Images / Images with Info
  • Use Lightbox on start page (video etc.) by setting a link as start page
  • Use lightbox from thumbnails and images with the link feature
  • Theme multiple CSS Editor
  • Custom touch icon iv-config/apple-touch-icon.png
  • Improved layout for different size thumbnails in Mobile
  • Theme index facelift
  • Updated Russian, Polish translations
  • Fixed Mobile title, which was cut too short
  • Fixed Restricted home folder admin user
  • Fixed innerWidth lightbox issue in functions.js
  • Fixed disappearing imagebuttons
  • Fixed imagesbutton values on persisting hover after new image appears
  • Fixed thumbnailsarea for textpages

Imagevue X2.8 Mobile

June 23rd, 2012By mjau-mjauNo Comments

One gallery to rule them all. Imagevue X2.8 includes a new beautiful mobile version, so the gallery now runs gracefully across all devices and platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. We have also launched 4 new, modern, optimized and flexible themes including a new default theme. If that is not enough, there is also a new video player, lightbox feature and map links for images with location geodata.

DownloadX2.8 Gallery Demo

  • Mobile Gallery
    We are hereby proud to launch a dedicated mobile version of the Imagevue gallery, which is basically a frontend exclusively for smartphones and touchscreen devices. This version will automatically display for all devices accessing the gallery from any touchscreen- or smartphone device. With the new Mobile gallery, Imagevue now covers all platforms: laptops and desktops with flash support will see the flash version, while mobile devices will be redirected to the mobile version … the best of both worlds! The mobile gallery comes with in a attractive interface optimized for touch, with support for swiping between images, and support for video (*mp4 only). The mobile gallery comes in two flavors: light and dark. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Get out your iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, iPads and check out the demo:
    Mobile Light ThemeMobile Dark Theme
    * If you are checking the above links from a non-mobile device, please reset your gallery afterwards.

    Mobile Setup Guide

  • New Themes (flash version)
    With Imagevue X2.8, we are also launching a batch of beautiful themes, including a new default theme called ‘carbonizer’. All the new themes come with a selection of backgrounds to choose from, as well as an optional stylesheet with a strong color contrast. See new theme demos:


    New Themes Guide

  • New Video Player
    Introducing a brand new video player that supports FLV and MP4 files, improves fullscreen rendering and has better buffering. The new video player by default opens in a new lightbox window to avoid complications with the flash gallery. By exporting your videos to MP4, your videos will now be available both for the mobile gallery as well as the flash gallery! See demo:

    DemoRead more

  • New Lightbox Feature
    With Imagevue X2.8, there is a new lightbox feature available, which makes it possible to open images, video, maps, pages or other links in a nice lightbox layer. By default, we have substituted the “open in window” and “open in popup” options with the new lightbox option. You also have the option to trigger lightbox from the main menu, or from text links in your descriptions or text pages. Try clicking any of the Photo, Video or Map links from the demo text page:

    DemoRead more

  • Map Links
    Imagevue now displays interactive Google Maps for any photos that contain location geo-data. This can be either if the image is taken with a GPS-enabled device, or if you have tagged the location in the photo with an application like iPhoto. See Examples:


  • Nice URLs
    With this release, we decided to make the URL nicer. Instead of having links like /#/content/path/photo.jpg, we are just removing the static content item, and instead have a nicer short URL /#/path/photo.jpg. Not only does this look nicer, but it is also more secure as external visitors can’t easily see the direct path to your files and folders. Imagevue SWF is still backwards compatible and supports “#/content”, but we recommend removing this item if you have external links.
  • All user configs, themes and languages are stored in iv-config folder
  • [x] HTML [x] Flash [x] Mobile – Platform/device selector for folders in admin
  • Themes in admin display with descriptions
  • Dedicated Menu Logo option
    settings › menu.mainmenu.menu_logo
    read more ›
  • Caching for very large galleries if iv-config/cache is writable
  • Improved visibility for large controls next/previous
    theme › controls.largecontrols.arrow_color
  • PHP5.4 Compatibility
  • Revamped Demo/Examples
  • HTML startpath option
    settings › settings.htmlstartpath
  • Contact form sends e-mails with an image
  • Added bottom_right for image text positions
    settings › image.text.textX.bottom_right
  • Contact form spam protection
  • New settings for thumbnails horizontal_amount and vertical_amount
    settings › thumbnails.thumbnails.horizontalamount
    settings › thumbnails.thumbnails.verticalamount
  • Fixed thumbnails layout bug
  • Background Color for transparent PNG thumbnails and images
    settings › thumbnails.thumbnail.backgroundColor
  • SEO -> Google Analytics Global option
  • Fixed sharebutton when navigating between text page and thumbnails
  • Fixed share in main menu
  • Various minor SWF fixes
  • Various usability and general improvements


We will be rolling out new docs for the mobile gallery, new themes and other feature soon!

Imagevue X2.7.6

October 26th, 2011By mjau-mjau18 Comments
  • Fix for Facebook sharing
  • Drag’n’Drop for files in Admin (beta)
  • Textpages empty lines fix
  • Fixes for iOS5 devices
  • Login autofocus
  • TinyMCE updated 3.4.6
  • A bunch of other small fixes

Imagevue X2.7.5

July 8th, 2011By mjau-mjau4 Comments
  • Fixed Filemod bug
  • Added Google Analytics folder/files tracking
  • Fixed thumbnails with “globalpath” when loading from non-default gallery location.
  • When you open flash galllery custom language is reset to default one
  • After moving/copying files you stay in the current folder
  • Fixed an issue with minus sign in menu [icon.png]
  • Fixed missing messages in CSS editor in Imagevue
  • Better expanding textareas in Config editor
  • Stripped [icon] from page title in admin
  • Wider inputs in config editor
  • Trial expires not that quick now
  • Ctrl-A/Cmd-A Selection of files in admin doesn’t block selections in textfields
  • Fix for #/links replacement for HTML gallery
  • Clean theme delete
  • Orphaned thumbnail remover
  • Changed frontend HTML
  • Better handling of paths with non-latin characters (Not recommended)

Imagevue X2.7.4

June 27th, 2011By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Basically patches a few circumstantial bugs, and includes some minor improvements and adjustments.

  • Fixed SWF for empty link attribute – Forum
  • Added jQuery hide for html content before SWF appears. The html displays on $(window).load(), apparently after the SWF has taken over.
  • Fixed bug with Imagebuttons where it goes into infinite button loop if fotomoto is enabled and ONLY fotomoto imagebutton is set, but photo not for sale
  • Addthis is back to lazy loading (i.e. page doesn’t wait for it to load)
  • Addthis uses addthis_user from config
  • Fotomoto-like Share config option – if you don’t have ‘share’ button in Image or Maincontrols, enabling share will add those buttons too
  • Fixed Long folder descriptions do not touch the window’s egde in HTML gallery
  • Fixed Missing error message in admin login
  • Fixed folder permissions issue on some systems
  • Removed chmod from config, now Imagevue sets 777 for folders and 666 for files it creates.
  • Admin changes TITLE according to the folder or section you’re in
  • Autotitling uses IPTC:ObjectName as well as other fields.
  • SMTP config is not created anymore if there is nothing to store
  • When copying/moving files, link to the target folder is displayed in the notification message
  • Imagevue remembers if you copy or move files
  • Empty attributes are not being shown in XML
  • Fixed Share > More button
  • Fixed custom [icon] in Textpage title
  • Removed sub & sup from HTML editor
  • Bigger hover buttons in HTML gallery when lightbox is enabled
  • HTML lightbox view displays titles instead of descriptions
  • Colorbox is loaded only when enabled
  • Clickback tracking added to Addthis sharing
  • HTML gallery is viewable on iPhone again

Imagevue X2.7.3

June 20th, 2011By mjau-mjauNo Comments
  • Fixed: Addthis as site title when sharing from Flash
  • Fixed: Addthis wasn’t really working in HTML
  • Fixed: Select all files in folder works with Cmd-A on Mac
  • Fixed: Custom fields support multi-language
  • Fixed: Languages are not case-sensitive anymore
  • Fixed: Video/Audio player in HTML gallery when Imagevue is in folder
  • Changed: Now opening the gallery without parameters resets languages to default
  • Changed: Better admin bar

Imagevue X2.7.2

June 8th, 2011By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Fixed a few issues, including the menu tooltip bug and the languages- bug reported recently in this thread.

  • Fixed: Language switcher bug introduced in one of the previous updates
  • Fixed: Bugs with main menu folderdescription/tooltips
  • Fixed: Authorization didn’t work in IE
  • New: If Fotomoto is down Imagevue won’t wait to load their scripts
  • New: Updated Dutch language

Imagevue X2.7.1

June 1st, 2011By mjau-mjauNo Comments

A week after releasing Imagevue X2.7, we have released a minor update with a few fixes and patches.

  • Fixed bug with languages when title is disabled in textpages – Forum
  • Fixed when clicking fotomoto “buy” icon, it correctly toggles dropdown
  • Fixed bug with thumbnails for non-latin characters – Forum
  • Fixed bug with @ character for windows/wmode – Forum
  • Fixed bug with breadcrumbs that displayed folder icons in title
  • Added language parsing directly from PHP. Provides some new possibilities
  • Reset SFX for main menu pre-X2.7 style
  • Fixed bug in Admin where files were moved instead of copied – Forum
  • Fixed bug where HTML gallery was displaying files with ignored extensions
  • Added updated Hungarian language
  • Problem with language switch described by mabro in this thread
  • A server-specific config saving issue reported by email

Imagevue X2.7

May 24th, 2011By mjau-mjau20 Comments

Imagevue X2.7 is a huge update with several new major features, as well as loads of of minor features and bug fixes. You will find optional e-commerce with the new Fotomoto module, multiple language support, as well as huge improvements to the admin, flash- and html-gallery in general!

DownloadX2 Gallery DemoX2 Admin Demo

(Empty your browser cache to experience changes correctly in the demo’s)

X2.7 Highlights

The updatelog for this release is enormous, so we have made a summary of important features:

  • Fotomoto E-commerce › Shopping Cart & E-commerce integration – Docs | Demo
  • Multiple Languages › Multiple language support – Docs | Demo
  • Folder Caching › Faster gallery switching with folder caching in SWF
  • New Sharing Menu › Endless Options for the sharing menu – Docs
  • New Menu Icons › Add any icons to your menu – Docs
  • Improved Form functionality › Dramatically improved form functionality in the Gallery
  • Flash features and bug fixes › Loads of fixes and new features!
  • Revamped HTML Gallery › Plenty of new features for the Html gallery!
  • New Admin functionality › loaded with new Admin features!

Important Release Notes!

We have moved the config folder to the gallery root folder /iv-config/, so that upgrading future versions will be easier. Basically, all user-changes from the admin are now stored in this folder, and it can easier by excluded when upgrading. There is a migration script included in X2.7 that will auto-migrate all files and delete the old folder, so the process should be entirely transparent. However if some issues arise, you can move your user-files manually from /iv-includes/config/ to /iv-config/ – Make sure you’ve renamed configUser.xml to config.xml

Imagevue X2.7 Updatelog

Flash Gallery
  • Added Shopping Cart & E-commerce integration with FotomotoDocs | Demo
  • Added support for multiple languages in file- and folder titles- and descriptions, text-pages and link (menu- and link function) – Docs | Demo
    Example input:
    [english]This is an English title[/english][french]Il s'agit d'un titre français[/french]
    • When accessing the gallery with ?language=english (or no parameter), it will show the English text, and when accessing the gallery with ?language=french, it will show the French text.
    • You can still use standard single-language input for those item where you don’t need/want multi-language support. In other words, this feature is optional per field.
    • In the example above, there is 2 languages, but you can add as many as you like.
    • If a language is used that a text is not made for, it will use the text from the first language item.
  • Added internal SWF folder caching to speed up the gallery. This feature comes into effect when loading a folder that has already been viewed once in the same session. Next time the same folder is viewed, it does not need to load the folder data.
  • Added support for frontend thumbnails creation from the Imagevue gallery. If you don’t create thumbnails for new images from the admin, they will be created on first visit of the gallery. However, we still recommend using the admin to create all thumbnails.
  • Added optional rounded corners for thumbnails. Sets a slightly rounded corner on the thumbnail frame. Looks best with frames that are wider than 1 px, or when using the box-setting
    theme › thumbnails.thumbnails.frame.rounded
  • Added optional thumbnail background-box. Sets a symmetrical background-frame for all folders that contain different-size thumbnails (resize-to-box). Has no effect for folders where all thumbnails are the same size – Forum
    theme ›
  • Added support for hundreds of social icons in the main menu. As long as they are available in the AddThis services list, you can use them in the Imagevue menu. To add an icon to a menu item, simply navigate to the folder from your admin, and change the title to “[servicecode]Title Here”. Full overview of available icons can be viewed here. Also, larger icons are displayed in the menu folderdescription tooltip when using a social icon, unless you have defined another previewimage. – Documentation
  • Added support for custom icons in the menu. Simply copy any icons you want to use into your iv-includes/images/icons/ folder, and add them to any menu-item simply by referring to them through the title. For example:
    [filename]Folder Title

    We recommend using 16x16px icons, but you can also use larger icons up to 32px. We have already included a selection of icons in the iv-includes/images/icons/ folder that you can use in your menu as desired. – Documentation

  • Added new node-graphic for menu items that contain sub-folders. This graphic is effectively substituting the [+] and characters that earlier have emphasized a sub-folder. Now, this item can not be toggled on/off with CSS any longer, but instead uses the setting:
    settings › menu.mainmenu.items

    The color is by default inherited from theme foreground_color, but can be changed manually:

    theme › menu.mainmenu.menuitem.node_color
  • Added support for all sharing services that are available in the AddThis services list. Simply add the code of any service to the sharing services setting. – Forum | Docs.
    settings ›
  • Added email as an option in the share menu. The email button uses the Imagevue sendlink e-mailer, unlike the other sharing services which use the external AddThis API – Forum.
    settings ›
  • Added new option sharebutton_click under sharing settings, which sets the mouse-click event for the main share button. If set to ‘menu‘, mouse-click will toggle the native Imagevue sharing menu. If set to ‘extended‘, mouse-click will display the sharing popover html layer with extended sharing options, just like the ‘more‘ button. Also, if all services are disabled from the sharing settings, the sharebutton click will default to open the extended menu, since there are no items to display in the native menu.
    settings › misc.sharing.sharebutton_click
  • Added support for Flash transparency. You can use this feature to display Html behind the Imagevue gallery, although we do not recommend this because of performance issues and obvious placement issues. To apply this feature, you need to add
    wmode: 'transparent'

    and flashvar:

    transparent: true

    into your document. Normally this is achieved by editing iv-includes/templates/ unless you have a custom html document. – Forum

  • Added auto sorting setting for the audio player. This way, audio tracks can now be sorted manually from the admin if required.
    settings › audioplayer.sorting
  • Improved Form functionality
    The following features are available to all pages/modules with input fields: contact form, send-link form and password form:
    • The gallery does not exit from full-screen any longer when input form pages appear. Instead, the gallery exits from full-screen only if visitor clicks an input field. On form submission, the gallery attempts to go full-screen again if it was in this state before the form was focused.
    • Fixed fullscreen_click bug scenario. Gallery goes full-screen on first click, only if visitors first click is NOT a form input field.
    • Text in input fields for contact form and send-link form are retained after submit. This way if there is an error, the visitor can go back without loosing any of the text they entered.
    • Contact window closes automatically after successful submission, just like the send-link window (does not work for contact form embedded in textpage)
    • Added basic error indicators (red) when fields are not filled by visitor. All required fields must be filled before the visitor can click “send”.
    • “Tab” through form items with “enter” key (except for multiline input fields)
    • “Enter” key submits forms if “send” button is in focus.
  • Add new theme CSS classes for the main menu. – CSS Docs
    .mainmenu_password {}
    .mainmenu_share {}
    .mainmenu_level1 {}
    .mainmenu_level2 {}
    .mainmenu_level3 {}
    .mainmenu_level4 {}
    .mainmenu_level5 {}
  • Added Inverse Controls option to inverse the direction of all next/previous controls in the gallery. Useful in certain slideshows where you want the left/previous button to show the next image in order, photo-blog style.
    settings › controls.inverse_controls
  • Added new setting scale_limit, which prevents the image from scaling larger than 100% of original size when the visitor uses the zoom buttons. – Forum
    settings › image.image.scale_limit
  • Added the possibility to run Imagevue-native functions directly from the main menu – Forum.
  • Added “View in Html” feature, which allows the visitor to switch the gallery to the corresponding html page from the flash gallery. This feature is available under settings for image-click, thumbnails-click, main-controls, image-buttons and right-click – Forum.
  • Added new mainmenu items setting. Now you can choose what items to display in the main menu, instead of using CSS to hide them.
    settings › menu.mainmenu.items
  • Added new video loop setting for the video player.
    settings ›
  • Added more context buttons to videos. Available items are inherited from imagebuttons, excluding items that do not apply for video files.
  • Added new feature auto-open image if there is only 1 image in the folder. It will skip thumbnails mode and open image directly. – Forum
  • Added toggleplay option to imagebuttons, and fixed icon – Forum
    settings › image.imagebuttons.buttons
  • Added new setting show_title to enable or disable titles for textpages without having to use CSS.
    settings › textpage.show_title
  • Removed embedded social media icons in the Imagevue SWF, because now we load external icons for share and main menu. This shaves off 30kb.
  • Fixed occasional bug in menu, where the menu does not collapse properly after moving mouse cursor out of menu – Forum.
  • Fixed small bug in calculation of menu width, and changed default theme-config so that menu is more compact by changing the minimum_width value from 200 to 0:
    theme › menu.mainmenu.menuitem.minimum_width
  • Fixed active state for current menu item when gallery is accessed through a # direct link – Forum.
  • Fixed so that Imagevue exits fullscreen when clicking a share button as to accommodate the sharing window for the specific service.
  • Fixed disable preview-image for folders with password-protection. Preview-image only becomes available after successful login to folder – Forum.
  • Fixed bug with large controls where the arrows may get stuck when navigating between images at different width – Forum
  • Fixed Textpage bug, where long textpages sometimes appear without scrollbar, cropped by the stage – Forum.
  • Fixed Textpage bug when using multiple instances of the same image in a single textpage.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of share-button in thumbnails page that occurs sometimes- Forum
  • Fixed position of thumbnails tooltip for folders with variable (resize-to-box) thumbnail sizes.
  • Fixed largecontrols so that when autohide=false, it does not show the background color behind the arrow-buttons. – Forum
    settings › controls.largecontrols.autohide
  • Fixed Share button in imagebuttons to only display if sharing is globally enabled – Forum
    settings › misc.sharing.enabled
  • Fixed bug in thumbnail-scroller where preview-image may not appear if mouse hovers over the thumbnail while it attempts to load.
  • Fixed bug in thumbnails page buttons, when resizing browser up and thumbnails update to display a single page.
  • Fixed warning in IE for swfmacmousewheel.js
  • Fixed wmode:opaque transparency issues in various browsers for compatibility with external services like Addthis, Facebook and Fotomoto.
  • Fixed Z-index issue for share-button in thumbnails mode. Now, the thumbnails tooltip hovers in front of the share button.
  • Fixed so that maincontrols items can be accessed from folder parametersForum
    settings › controls.maincontrols.items
Admin / Html
  • New: Fotomoto integration
  • New: Revamped HTML Gallery
  • New: Multi-language support in Flash and HTML galleries
  • New: Improved Caching
  • New: Thumbnails are created from the Gallery, no need to login to admin
  • New: GPS Location in HTML Gallery
  • New: Sharing in HTML Gallery
  • New: Custom icons for menu items
  • New: “View as: Text” in Admin
  • New: Folder Preview Image can be removed
  • New: Keyboard controls in HTML gallery
  • New: Video and Audio Player in HTML Gallery and Admin
  • New: Custom thumbnails for non-image files
  • New: Editor for Email Templates
  • New: Custom CSS editor
  • New: Force From in Emails which helps to resolve email issues with GoDaddy
  • New: BCC: Owner when somebody shares a link
  • New: Automated Authorization check in admin
  • New: Files/Folders stats
  • New: Disable Admin Bar setting
  • New: Disable EXIF/IPTC settings
  • New: Ability to overwrite files on upload
  • New: iPad stylesheet added, removes the link to Flash Gallery on iPad
  • New: Random sorting for files
  • New: Sitemap speed up
  • New: Portuguese Language added
  • New: Icelandic Language added
  • New: Latvian Language added
  • New: Disabling Meta info does not disable sorting on date taken
  • New: Flash player auto-detect
  • New: XMP support in meta-data
  • Fixed: Improved XML error handling
  • Fixed: Custom thumbnail creator is now correctly calculates thumbnail scale ratio
  • Fixed: Missing titles for mp3 files on some servers
  • Fixed: Better auto-expanding textareas
  • Fixed: Minus sign is allowed in folder titles
  • Fixed: Spaces in paths don’t break links in emails (not that it’s recommended to use spaces)
  • Fixed: Cache is being recreated if there is an error in XML
  • Fixed: For for image sharing for IIS/Win servers
  • Fixed: Small improvements in admin
  • Fixed: Default files sorting
  • Fixed: IE9 Fixes
  • Fixed: Bug with multiple background selectors
  • Fixed: Better indexing

What’s next?

Horizontal menu, Guestbook, new video-player with youtube support, new themes, dedicated touchpad- and mobile versions, native stats, Ken Burns filemod.

Imagevue X2.6.4

February 10th, 2011By mjau-mjau7 Comments

Since releasing Imagevue X2.6 a weeks ago, we have released a few revisions that fix some minor bugs in X2.6. This is a compilation log of release revisions from 2.6.1 through to 2.6.4

  • Fix: Bug that caused Imagevue to not work if audio player is disabled
  • Fix: “View as” list bug when upgrading from the previous version
  • Fix: Imagevue Touch shortcut Icon
  • Fix: Javascript Error in IE
  • Fix: Removed shadow artifacts
  • Fix: IIS REQUEST_URI incompatibility
  • Fix: Path in “Can’t save configuration file” error
  • Fix: Bugs with authorization (2.6.3)
  • Fix: Small typo in config (2.6.3)
  • Fix: for folderOpen.gif 404 (2.6.3)
  • Fix: Infinite recursion bug which affects only certain versions of PHP5.2 (2.6.2)
  • Fix: IPTC National chars issue (2.6.1)

Imagevue X2.6

February 2nd, 2011By mjau-mjau13 Comments

Imagevue X2.6 includes a few new major features, as well as a few minor fixes. Mainly, this new release evolves around social media sharing, a fortified text editor, multiple background images (for themes) and a useful thumbnail-editor!

DownloadX2 Gallery DemoX2 Admin Demo

Imagevue X2.6 Updatelog

  • Social Media SharingRead More. You can also check the demo gallery to see how the sharing button works.
  • Multiple Background Images – Now you can use multiple background images in your theme. You can for example have a main background, a logo, and an interactive layer
  • Thumbnail Editor – Did you ever wish you could change a specific thumbnail? With the new admin thumbnail editor, you can now edit a thumbnail so that it is trimmed just the way you want it! No more cropped heads or missing context.
  • Rejuvenated text page editor – We now support paragraph tags properly, align options and font color selector
  • Added Mac OSX MouseWheel Support – Available on windows for some time, you can now use the mouse trackpad/mousewheel to scroll text pages and zoom in on images – Forum
  • Global Password – You can now set a global password for your gallery by setting a password for your content folder. Visitors will need to enter a password to enter your gallery. PS! Password on the content folder are non-recurisve.
  • Fixed “jumping link” on text pagesForum
  • Recursive Passwords – You can now set password for a parent folder, and all child folders will inherit this password. PS! The password will only prompt if a subfolder is clicked, or if the parent folder has files.
  • Added Dashboard to admin – Stay tuned with updates and news from Imagevue directly from your admin dashboard (RSS+Twitter)
  • Auto-expanding text areas in admin
  • New XML parser should increase performance a bit
  • Fixed bug with negative values in config
  • Forced thumbnails refresh in folders listings
  • Russian language corrected
  • Danish language added
  • Fixed some problems with authorization
  • Fix for Image options in text editor
  • Fixed missing images in text pages bug
  • htaccess.txt
  • Fixed copy and move files

What’s next?

Some of you were perhaps hoping for a dedicated horizontal menu and Fotomoto e-commerce integration in this release, but we had to push this forwards to Imagevue X2.7. We are already bracing ourselves for X2.7, and also looking to the future in regards to dedicated Imagevue mobile/iPhone version, Guestbook and a few new cool themes!

Imagevue X2.5.2

December 28th, 2010By mjau-mjau10 Comments

A few vital fixes arrive with Imagevue X2.5.2

Imagevue X2.5.2 Download


  • Fixed a few notices and errors in PHP
  • Fixed bug with <<< and >>> in site title
  • MBString extension is not required
  • New colorpicker
  • Goodbye prototype, hello jQuery
  • Lightbox changed to Colorbox in html gallery
  • Fix for draggable files and folders for Opera
  • WYSIWYG Editor fixed
  • HTML contact form fixed
  • Cleanup of iv-include and iv-admin folders
  • Site title and descriptions added to for improved sharing
  • Removed CSS parsing in theme editor
  • Cleaned up theme editor

Imagevue X2.5

December 13th, 2010By mjau-mjau12 Comments

Imagevue X2.5 is a huge update with some awesome new features. Mainly, this new release includes a brand new admin which addresses several frequently requested features. The Beta version has already been out for two weeks, and since then, we have been working on a new facelift for the admin interface, and fixing a few bugs. We are ourselves very satisfied with the new admin, and feel it is more complete than ever!

Imagevue X2.5 DownloadX2 Gallery DemoX2 Admin Demo

X2.5 Highlights

This release focuses on a brand new admin, with new features, improved functionality and a new design. Main features at a glance:

Important Release Notes

  • Imagevue X2.5 requires PHP 5.1.3 or higher, and we no longer support PHP 4.x.
    Read more
  • With Imagevue X2.5, you are required to authorize your gallery. Read more
  • When logging in to the new admin, you no longer use {gallery}/imagevue/, but instead {gallery}/iv-admin/. This folder can now be renamed.
  • If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please read the Upgrade Instructions
  • Although this is now X2.5 final release, you can still post comments and feedback in the Imagevue X2.5 beta forum post

Imagevue X2.5 Updatelog

  • Brand New admin! – Read more
  • XML Cache. Makes your gallery run much faster! – Read more
  • Manual drag-and-drop sorting for folders and images – Read more
  • Rename the iv-includes/ (formerly imagevue/) admin folder to anything you like
  • Folder Password Protection – documentation
  • Added client-side resizing with SWFupload 2.5 uploader – documentation
  • Added Imagevue authorization – documentation
  • Folder Parameters / per-folder settings – documentationforum
    • New Parameters field in admin, where you can set folder-specific settings
    • Also works from Flashvars for settings on a per-document basis
  • Improved image loading in Textpages – No more white backgrounds before images in textpages have loaded, and now the images fade nicely in after they are loaded
  • support for loaded PNG transparency – forum
  • Added stylesheet for “ » “ separator in gallery thumbnails mode – forum
  • Fixed support for international characters in Audioplayer “Audio” and “Volume” text. Now supports special latin characters (like üúù). Also added CSS for these two items: .audioplayer_main, so now you can change font-style also. – forum
  • Fixed fullscreen toggle issues in various browsers – issueforum
    • Changed fullscreen icon graphics (for controls/buttons)
    • New option to go fullscreen after visitors first click anywhere – forum
  • Added option to reset zoom/scale state on next image event – forum
  • Added mousewheel support for image zoom and toggle thumbnails  – forum
  • Fixed “next image” loading problem when using the thumbnailscroller – forum
  • Improved thumbnailscroller interaction if large amounts of images in a folder – forum
    • Thumbnail-size in scroller is reduced if there is a large quantity of images in a folder and/or the visitors stage width is relatively small.
    • Thumbnails hover changed so that the scaled thumb does not interfere with next and previous thumbnail buttons.
  • Contact forms remember visitor name and e-mail after first input – forum
  • Thumbnails-mode now goes to specific thumbnails-page# corresponding to visitors last viewed image – forum
  • Updated SWFAddress.js and SWFObject.js
  • Fixed and cleaned some html/css in container document
  • Large Controls / Arrows
    • Removed largecontrols.align setting – forum
    • Improved UI and support for large controls in full-zoom mode
    • Selective display for Next/Previous arrow controls. If there is only a single thumbnails-page, arrow-controls do not appear. If visitor is on LAST thumbnails page, RIGHT arrow-control is deactivated. If visitor is on FIRST thumbnails page, LEFT arrow-control is deactivated. Imagemode: If there is a single image, arrow-controls do not appear – forum
  • Html tags stripped out of the page <title> – forum
  • Changed page <title> order for both flash- and Html gallery – forum
  • Fixed issue where wrong image text may display if rollover event is used – forum
  • File extensions are now stripped from automatic file titles – forum
  • Created optional loop toggle setting to stop looping between last and first image – forum
  • Right-click “contact” is available globally, except when right-clicking thumbs – forum
  • Audioplayer rollover canvas does not appear if there are no items to display – forum
  • Support for national characters in domain names

Why 2.5?

There are a few reasons why we decided to release this new version as 2.5:

  • X2.5 includes a brand new admin, designed from bottom up with a lot of important new features
  • X2.5 now required PHP5.1.3
  • X2.5 is generally a massive release

What’s next?

We are already looking forward to release Imagevue X2.6 for Christmas. In this release, we aim to include several requested features that we were not able to include in the 2.5 release: New horizontal menu, Fotomoto E-commerce integration, Social-media sharing, multiple backgrounds, and more. Stay tuned!

Imagevue X2.5 Beta

November 29th, 2010By mjau-mjau35 Comments

Today, we released Imagevue X2.5 Beta, which is a huge update with some awesome new features. Mainly, this new release includes a brand new admin which addresses several frequently requested features.

Imagevue X2.5 is now released! Read more

Imagevue X2.1.8

July 20th, 2010By mjau-mjauNo Comments

SMTP Support and various fixes

  • SMTP Emails, now you can send emails using your mail account
  • You can’t edit default themes directly anymore
  • Safari 5 fix
  • Bulgarian language added
  • Various fixes for problems collected in forum

Imagevue X2.1.7

March 5th, 2010By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Firefox3.6 and PHP5.3 Compatibility plus IPTC support

  • Firefox 3.6 Compatibility addedPHP 5.3 Compatibility added
  • IPTC Support added
  • iPhone improvements, and some iPhone-related changes
  • Send link email template changed to include a thumbnail of the image you sending
  • New Error-reporting system, less annoying error messages
  • Small bugfixes

Imagevue X2.1.6

November 9th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Updated styles (mostly for mac), and some bugfixes.

  • GENERAL: Cleaned up some templates
  • GENERAL: Email errors moved to language files
  • GENERAL: Some language files updated
  • GENERAL: Favicon
  • GENERAL: Some fixes here and there
  • GENERAL: Incompatibility with eAccelerator resolved
  • GENERAL: Now send link email delivers thumbnail
  • FRONTEND: Improved CSS styles optimized for variouis OS platforms
  • FRONTEND: Now does not log you out from control panel when you hide Control Bar
  • ADMIN: Notification added for guest/guest login
  • ADMIN: [Use this language ] Button added to language editor
  • ADMIN: Dropdowns in config editors for language and theme selectors

Imagevue X2.1.5

September 22nd, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

A range of minor feature requests and some fixes. Most notably image-panning feature and IE8 internal links fix

  • ADMIN: New error reporting system
  • ADMIN: Now you can see which files won’t be displayed in front end
  • ADMIN: Auto cache cleaning on thumbnails creation
  • GENERAL: Now you can disable AutoTitling for images – (forum)
  • GENERAL: Some speedup
  • GENERAL: Integrated uservoice feedback in admin
  • SEO: Now you can add your counters, keywords and description code from settings
  • SEO: Option to disable sitemap
  • SWF: Internal links fixed for IE8 – (forum)
  • SWF: Added *_window option for all link items(filemod parameters, link feature, purchase feature, image+thumbnail assigned links). You can now open links in your choice of target window
  • SWF: Added image scrolling/panning when in zoom mode – (forum1)(forum2)
  • SWF: Added closebutton option for imagebuttons and maincontrols, if you dont want to use the default right side closebutton
  • SWF: Fix for mainmenu tooltip – filecount does not appear for textpages or filemods
  • SWF: Fix for thumbnail LINKS – (forum)
  • SWF: purchase button and/or link button (imagebuttons) only appear if their entries are not empty – (forum)
  • SWF: Improved error reporting for permissions. No duplicate entries.
  • SWF: mainmenu close_same_level setting now also closes open sublevels even if the clicked item is end node.
  • SWF: Added opacity settings for large arrow controls under THEMES – (forum)
  • SWF: Added basic up/down arrow indicators for textpage scrollbar. Added color settings in THEME – (forum)
  • SWF: Added basic scroll buttons for long image descriptions – (forum)
  • SWF: New slideshow END EVENT option: URL – (forum)
  • SWF: Fixed fullscreen button icon to display correctly in all conditions.
  • SWF: Fixed audioplayer startvolume setting – (forum)
  • SWF: Fixed longer delay for audioplayer after video, so it doesnt startup inbetween viewing video – (forum)

Imagevue X2.1.4

July 29th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Imagevuex X2.1.4 FileCount, PHP5.3, FLV and other

  • GENERAL: File count is auto-updated now when uploading images by ftp
  • GENERAL: Speedup when working with FLV
  • GENERAL: PHP5.3 Compatible
  • FRONTEND: Some SWFAddress Fixes
  • FRONTEND: Shadow fix
  • ADMIN: Logout bug fixed

Imagevue X2.1.3

July 8th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

This release is aimed to fix IE8 related bugs, almost no new functionality added.

  • ADMIN: IE8 Wysiwyg editor fix
  • ADMIN: Firefox Wysiwyg editor truncated text fix
  • ADMIN: Rotation bug fixed
  • ADMIN: Zero-length folderdata.xml bug fixed
  • ADMIN: Uploaders missing button in IE8 fixed
  • ADMIN: Recursive directory deletion fixed
  • FRONTEND: Internal linking fixed for IE8
  • GENERAL: Exif data overflow fix
  • GENERAL: 403 Removed for Windows hostings on IIS with custom error pages
  • GENERAL: SWFUpload updated to 2.2.0
  • GENERAL: SWFAddress updated to 2.3
  • GENERAL: getID3 updated to 1.7.9

Imagevue X2.1.1

May 19th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Imagevuex X2.1.1 Bugfix release. Some small and minor fixes here and there, EXIF, IE8.

  • ADMIN: HTML Uploader IE8 fix
  • ADMIN: Settings improved
  • ADMIN: Language editor improvements
  • ADMIN: EXIF/Thumbnails memory leak fixed
  • ADMIN: Diagnostics: mod_security2 added to list of problematic modules
  • ADMIN: EXIF/Descriptions fix
  • GENERAL: Other small fixes and improvements

Imagevue X2.1.0

May 3rd, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Its been some time since last major update, but here we are again with a few goodies. Most important new features are WYSIWIG editor for admin(textpages), admin facelift, new sitemap feature, folder titles+descriptions for HTML gallery, date sorting from EXIF, 2 new themes: zanzibar and persimmon, CSS font hover style for main menu and new function that stops audio when a video/FLV loads. See full list below:


  • WYSIWYG Editor for textpages
  • General facelift
  • Admin navigation bar in frontend(html+flash)
  • New diagnostics page
  • IE8 Compatibility


  • Sitemap added ?p=sitemap (example here)
  • Folder title and description added to HTML Gallery

Script improvements

  • EXIF DateTimeOriginal used instead of file datetime where available
  • General bugfixes, improvements and optimization
  • The title of the folder shown instead of the physical folder name if it’s available in copy / move dropdowns
  • Fraction simplifying added to shutter speed
  • EMAIL: Now you can use vars like [receiverName] in email subject

Flash gallery

  • 2 new themes persimmon and zanzibar with scalable SWF backgrounds
  • Added new slideshow “END” event option – Choose between the following events once the slideshow reaches the last image:
    # loop – loops the slideshow from last image back to first image (default)
    # stop – stops the slideshow on last image
    # thumbnails – goes to thumbnails mode after last image is displayed
    # startpath – Loads the startpage/startpath after last image is displayed
    # Only works in autoplay slideshow mode, eg. does not execute if user is browsing images manually.
    # The new setting is available in admin › settings › settings.image.slideshow.end_event
    # Read more in forum
  • Added CSS style to hide or restyle file extensions in displayed name
    # Read more in forum
  • Added CSS style for change font style on menu item hover
    # Added as default to all imagevue themes
    # Usage:

    .mainmenu_title_hover {
    	color: #CC9900;
  • Added “auto” setting for text alignment style for optimized text/descriptions.
    # Allows description to align automatically based on size/aspect of image. This setting is now default.
    # Displays description ABOVE image for landscape images, and on the RIGHT of the image for portrait images.
  • Added setting for menubutton_height
    # Read more in forum
  • Added a few settings for video in settings ›
    # controlsAutoHide – Choose to autohide the video controls, so they only display on mouse over
    # autoPlay – Sets the video to start automatically. If set to false, viewer will have to click the play button to start video
    # bufferTime – Sets the buffertime for loading videos
    # stopAudioPlayer – Stops the Imagevue audioplayer when a video loads, to make room for audio from the video file
  • Fixed bug with “Copy Image Location” control
    # Read more in forum
  • Fixed bug open/collapse-bug when = 1
  • Fixed thumbnailscroller vertical offset bug
    # Read more in forum
  • Fixed bug where image-specific buttons(popup, purchase, window etc.) may not trigger correct image-index if enabled in main controls
    # Read more in forum
  • Fixed bug with FLV video disappearing when going from video-fullscreen back to normal display
  • Fixed “back” button from emailer easier clickable

Imagevue X2.0.2

February 24th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Just a few fixes for a few minor issues.

  • Fixed a few mis-configured items in default config and theme.
  • Fixed css editor bug
  • Extraction of the EXIF values for DocumentName and DocumentDescription added
  • Some workarounds for php<4.3
  • Buggy flash version check removed
  • SWFupload updated to 2.2.0 beta 5
  • path=”ontent/” bug fixed
  • Removed nicedit wysiwig editor(We will re-add this feature later when it has been tested and integrated properly)

Imagevue X2.0.1

February 8th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

This release generally includes many bugfixes mostly related to specific features.

  • ADMIN: New icons.
  • ADMIN: User login and password are trimmed from spaces in the beginning and end of the lines, now you can copy l/p from Firefox
  • ADMIN: Issues when .htaccess password doesnt match the one in gallery admin.
  • CONFIG: When editing CSS and delete a class, it is restored in order from include/default.css
  • CONFIG: Usabilty improvements. Subnodes first, then attributes.
  • CONFIG: When editing config, quotes broke entries.
  • CONFIG: When editing config at first time, 1st level items should be open by default
  • CONFIG: You couldnt set values to zero at some fields
  • EMAIL: Added “Send image link with thumbnail preview” template to sendlink.html
  • EMAIL: Fixed wrong links in sendlink.html
  • EMAIL: More meaningful error/success messages.
  • FRONTEND: Flash player install notice added to frontpage
  • FRONTEND: Added redirect to html version if no flash player is installed
  • GENERAL: _vti_cnf workaround, now _vti* folders are skipped. MS Frontpage creates them by default.
  • GENERAL: Imagevue-check.php added to test server abit for requirements.
  • GENERAL: Small fixes
  • GENERAL: Improved logic with flash/js detection
  • GENERAL: Added imagevue/imagevue-check.php minimal requirements checker which is also available as a separate download
  • MANAGE: Images were getting pixelated when rotated.
  • MANAGE: SWFUpload updated to v2.2.0 Beta 4
  • MANAGE: Fixed bug with quotes in titles on some server
  • MANAGE: Fixed bug with previewImage when there are no images left
  • MANAGE: Fixed upload buttons positioning
  • HTML: Some improvements for iPhone
  • SWF: Fixed empty language item – Does not display “undefined”
  • SWF: Embed font issue for filemod with “gardener” and “bluedragon” themes fixed
  • SWF: Fixed “motionmove” transition bug
  • SWF: Fixed default theme loading from custom gallery integrations(index.php already worked)
  • SWF: Filemod/Photoblinds – Fixed alignment to middle
  • SWF: Filemod/Photoblinds – Vertical display fix. Picture always shows from top including title text, if taller thatn stage size.
  • SWF: Filemod/Photoblinds – Fixed/removed ’empty space’ when description is empty for filemod text.
  • SWF: Photoblinds – Optimized code. Loads less images, and takes less CPU to run.
  • SWF: Fixed imagelayer setting. Seems it wasn’t working
  • SWF: Added THEME setting – “PADDING” for main menu descriptiopn tooltip.
  • SWF: Fixed sendlink/contact while the gallery is in autoplay mode. Now the slideshow STOPS if clicking one of these items.
  • SWF: Slightly slower transition for slideshow filemod.
  • SWF: Added separate “enabled” toggle setting for thumbnails- and thumbnailscroller TOOLTIP(on mouse rollover) in config. They used to share the same toggle.
  • SWF: Fixed maincontrols bug where ’empty’ button displayed in thumbnails mode if there were no available buttons.

Imagevue X2.0

December 24th, 2008By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Merry Christmas everyone! This is Final(non-beta) release of Imagevue X2Read more

  • Added new theme firestarter – See it here
  • Added new slideshow filemod – read more
  • Added new [close] button for image mode. Returns to thumbnails on click
  • Changed default behaviour or imageclick -> now goes to NEXT image(instead of thumbnails)
  • Fixed ‘globalpath’ parameter no longer required for custom page integrations(html+swf) from “remote” locations
  • Added background color option for audioplayer in theme config
  • Fixed “breadcrumbs” above thumbnails so they display folder titles, instead of physical folder names.
  • Added “titlepath”(breadcrumbs) option for image text descriptions also. Disabled by default.
  • Added zoom-in and zoom-out options available for maincontrols.
  • Added language setting for changing text between numbers(Ex. 1/4 or 1 of 4).
  • Improved some CSS
  • Added sheet> setting to theme config for applying optional theme stylesheets
  • Added “universal_font.css” stylesheet to “gardener” and “bluedragon” themes, to provide an optiona for international characters and rich text formatting.
  • Fixed rollover event descriptions(f.ex EXIF data) to re-appear when using keycontrols to navigate images, and mouse is already over image.
  • Fixed bug with imagebuttons
  • Fixed bug with startmode=image when accessing a textpage or filemod page from #SWFaddress in initial link
  • On FLV/video, slideshow playing now stops
  • Fixed language/text for all controls added as “imagebuttons” (togglefullscreen said ‘undefined’)
  • Fixed bug with maincontrols not hiding if only one thumbnails page(bug came in latest release)
  • can now be set to “link” to open external links on image click
  • Fix for thumbnailscroller scrollbar when scrolling and moving mouse out of screen
  • fixed preloader horizontal location for “send image”
  • Fixed fullscreen -> goes to normal screen mode when forms appear on screen(contact, send by email).
  • Fixed resize-transition tint so that it inherits image frame color. Looks better with black frame(or any other color)
  • Fixed so that arrowcontrols don’t initially appear in top left corner if startmode=image.
  • Added/fixed “shadow” settings for mainmenu folderdescriptions and imagebuttons
  • Fixed thumbnails tooltip – Does not display empty tooltip if ‘title’ is disabled and ‘descritpion’ is empty.
  • Added new controls.keycontrols toggle in config to enable or disable keyboard controls (next/previous/togglethumbnails/toggleplay)
  • Thumbnail from maincontrols scrollbar function now inherits frame color and frame width from main thumbnails
  • Fixed bug for config item mainmenu.horizontal_margin – now works properly
  • Changed download function – Now uses native flash downloader. Fixes download bug in IE
  • Fixed bug with various randomimage scripts(f.ex photoblinds) not working in embedDemo.html or custom pages.
  • Fixed imagebuttons.autohide = false setting
  • Added new setting mainmenu.x_offset to position main menu horizontally from top left corner. Default was and is 10.
  • language editor fix
  • css editor with default.css auto-merge
  • user theme config moved to config/themeName/
  • exif fractions are simplified – 5/300 -> 1/60
  • file size check added to yuiuploader
  • titlePath added to ?a=folder
  • basic auth added – for .htaccess authorization
  • multiple ownerEmails allowed
  • in email you can use [path] [directory] and [file] in sendlink action
  • fixed bug with altGr+a in some national layouts
  • fixed bug with ?dir/file_.ext urls when file contained underscore
  • changed all paths in html to ?dir/file.ext
  • removed double useCache from config
  • enableHTML config option added
  • html contact form is now being reset on success to prevent double postings
  • Fixed empty arrays in config