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Imagevue X2.6

Imagevue X2.6 is released!

Imagevue X2.6

February 2nd, 2011By mjau-mjau13 Comments

Imagevue X2.6 includes a few new major features, as well as a few minor fixes. Mainly, this new release evolves around social media sharing, a fortified text editor, multiple background images (for themes) and a useful thumbnail-editor!

DownloadX2 Gallery DemoX2 Admin Demo

Imagevue X2.6 Updatelog

  • Social Media SharingRead More. You can also check the demo gallery to see how the sharing button works.
  • Multiple Background Images – Now you can use multiple background images in your theme. You can for example have a main background, a logo, and an interactive layer
  • Thumbnail Editor – Did you ever wish you could change a specific thumbnail? With the new admin thumbnail editor, you can now edit a thumbnail so that it is trimmed just the way you want it! No more cropped heads or missing context.
  • Rejuvenated text page editor – We now support paragraph tags properly, align options and font color selector
  • Added Mac OSX MouseWheel Support – Available on windows for some time, you can now use the mouse trackpad/mousewheel to scroll text pages and zoom in on images – Forum
  • Global Password – You can now set a global password for your gallery by setting a password for your content folder. Visitors will need to enter a password to enter your gallery. PS! Password on the content folder are non-recurisve.
  • Fixed “jumping link” on text pagesForum
  • Recursive Passwords – You can now set password for a parent folder, and all child folders will inherit this password. PS! The password will only prompt if a subfolder is clicked, or if the parent folder has files.
  • Added Dashboard to admin – Stay tuned with updates and news from Imagevue directly from your admin dashboard (RSS+Twitter)
  • Auto-expanding text areas in admin
  • New XML parser should increase performance a bit
  • Fixed bug with negative values in config
  • Forced thumbnails refresh in folders listings
  • Russian language corrected
  • Danish language added
  • Fixed some problems with authorization
  • Fix for Image options in text editor
  • Fixed missing images in text pages bug
  • htaccess.txt
  • Fixed copy and move files

What’s next?

Some of you were perhaps hoping for a dedicated horizontal menu and Fotomoto e-commerce integration in this release, but we had to push this forwards to Imagevue X2.7. We are already bracing ourselves for X2.7, and also looking to the future in regards to dedicated Imagevue mobile/iPhone version, Guestbook and a few new cool themes!

13 Responses to "Imagevue X2.6"

  1. olivier blanc Posted 6 years ago

    Wouah! Seems to be fantastic, i think i won’t be able to wait v2.7 for upgrading, will upgrade this week. Thank you and congratulations!

  2. The update is really great, I have a question i’m using a video converter to converter an mp4 file to swf, I then create my own theme upload the swf background and enable it but it loads in the top right corner and frames a bit till the length of the video in the swf plays then it resizes to the browser window size and the gallery menu and buttons start.

    Can this be fixed? I searched the forums and even registered no real instructions about making video backgrounds full screen on load. I assume this is some cache issue cause when I revisit or refresh the gallery it loads up all at once.

    • I am not sure what you mean “frames a bit till the length of the video in the swf plays then it resizes to the browser window size and the gallery menu and buttons start”

      I would need to see a link first of all. Second, I am not sure what settings you are suing or how this SWF is created. Imagevue uses the loaded clips boundaries to scale the background (if it is set to scale). IF the boundaries are unset in some frames, or if there are invisible elements in the SWF, then this will not always be successful.

      Please post in the forum (if you are a licensed user), or send us an e-mail instead of posting in this unrelated blog post.

  3. can´t wait for guestbook.thx for this version.

  4. Mjau-mjau, Congratulations ! And thank you for the awful new release. Is there any new theme in this new version?

  5. any tentative date for x2.7?

  6. Can’t wait the horizontal menu feature :) also new themes are welcomed. I wish to can change the font for the menu text, and the text color from the menu. Also some of my visitors told me that the tree style for the vertical menu sucks.. so any new menu style included in imagevuex 2.7 whould make me wanna upgrade ASAP :)

    • You can already change the font-style in the main menu, from your theme CSS stylesheet:

      In regards to that the tree style “sucks”, this doesn’t sound like a well-considered perspective. Its been like this for several years, and it’s been quite popular. Besides, you can customize it a lot. What would they suggest alternatively?

  7. Any word on imagevuex 2.7?

  8. Pavel Blahut Posted 6 years ago

    marvelous job! thanks! RSS feeds about recently created albums would be very nice. thx! P

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