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Imagevue X2.8.9

Imagevue X2.8.9

April 8th, 2013By mjau-mjau49 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.9 › A few new features and some fixes.

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  • Sitemap.xml: ?p=sitemap.xml
  • New menu logo link option
  • Fix for video playback on some mobile devices
  • Fix for the new dashboard

49 Responses to "Imagevue X2.8.9"

  1. Cuong Duong Posted 4 years ago

    Hmm, the folder inside this zip file is for 2.8.6 instead of 2.8.9. I’m kind of confused.

  2. Good night! Tried to download the file twice but it seems corrupt! Please help me?

  3. ! D:\Downloads\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    I’m using WINRAR to open!

  4. It would be so so so cool, if you add a Search engine info the mobile gallery so the users can search for specific Keywords and get results based on the text contained into the Text Pages.

  5. Hi, will you be posting new updates on the blog? I enjoy reading about updates to ImageVue!

  6. Yes I noticed there was no update about the changes in 2.8.10.x and the improvements made.

    I guess it is great advertising to show potential customers that the project is “alive and kicking” and frequent updates are being pushed out by the developers (ever 6-12 weeks).

    I can see there are lots of 2009 updates on the RHS (right hand side) of these comments – 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.3, 2.1.4, 2.1.5, 2.1.6, 2.1.7, 2.1.8 and then a HUGE jump up to 2.5 beta!

    Seems strange to post so many incremental updates, but not many recent major updates.
    Oh well!

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • Sorry, the short answer is that we are simply working with Imagevue X3, which does take time. Imagevue X3 does not have much in common with Imagevue X2, and therefore the X2 branch will not see many huge updates. You will be able to upgrade from X2 to X3 in time, if you like the entirely new interface and style of X3 that is … The only thing you inherit when upgrading from X2 to X3, is your photos and gallery structure.

      • Are you introducing database (mysql) by any chance in v3?

        • What do you want database for if I may ask?

          • Currently I’m maintaining a wordpress-blog where I write about new photos and link them to the galleries. Honestly, it would be marvellous to have only imagevue with a blogroll and I guess that this quite requires a database in the background.

          • @Roman: There is nothing *wrong* with using a database for your blog, whatever platform it is running from, but just because your blog runs from DB doesn’t mean Imagevue needs to also run from DB or even have any benefits from it.

            I was going to write more about this topic shortly, but essentially this is the short story: Databases are practical for many things, especially storing text content. However, in case of images or files, they are ALWAYS stored in folders anyway, and images are never actually stored in a database. Therefore, when talking about database-driven galleries, all files are still stored in folders, but data for each image (for example title), is often stored in the database.

            + Will give power to create a search function for images.

            – Another level of complication having to use a database for no real benefit.
            – Requires a consistent link between database and each image (you cant just rename a file).
            – Unnecessary in cases of basic gallery usage.

            Having said that, with Imagevue X3 there will be an option to integrate basic blog functionality, as this is often a required feature for basic photo gallery websites/blogs. However, it will be very basic and not include stuff like “tags”, “categories”, “archives” etc. It will also not require a database since the content for a post will be stored as a markdown file.

  7. sven goldecker Posted 3 years ago

    before i´m working for nothing because the coming update,,

    will the x3 release take some weeks or some months or…. ?

    thx for any hint!

    • Well, let me just say I will be releasing a playground-website based on fundamental Imagevue X3 technology next month (October). The final Imagevue X3 product will not be ready for launch at this point, but there is chance that I may be able help some users get started if they are willing to accept some current limitations …

  8. thx for the info!

    Did i get it right: oktober there will be a first online demo and the possibillity for “willing users” to download a beta test status version of x3?

    • That is not incorrect, but let me rephrase a bit:

      It will not necessarily be an actual demo of how a final Imagevue X3 will appear, but it will be running from the new X3 backend, and will also be showcasing new frontend technologies being used.

      In fact, I am setting it up this time as a blog-oriented “playground” to display all the cool features, and will be running it on, which has been idle for years …

      I MAY be available to provide an early version to special requests, but they would have to be willing to work with many current limitations at such an early point. In any case, once the playground is up, you will see frequent progress as the new version excels.

      Stay tuned!

  9. I hope that X3 is writen in HTML5 and leave Adobe Flash.

  10. Jeff Bridges Posted 3 years ago

    “I MAY be available to provide an early version to special requests”

    Special Request in da House! ;)

    When will the new Version be online?
    When its done!

    Any Timetable?

    • yup, first I have a new playground website coming up running from the new X3 backend and frontend foundation. I was supposed to launch it last week, lets see if I can launch later this week!

  11. I’m excited to see the new v3! Sound very cool. I love v2, but development is (always) better :)

  12. October ends tomorrow… when can we have a look at X3?

    • I’m obviously delayed, but the good news is that this is because I am taking huge steps towards next X3 on all levels. I have included a few screen shots … keep in mind, this is just a specific “blog-style” and combination of color I will have for my “playground” website coming up, and also, it is hard to make snapshots of the animations and interactions in galleries across all platforms: – some cool infinite-level dropdown menu, which converts nicely on small screens. + – audioplayer – large-image vertical scroll layout – responsive menu for smaller screens – flexible ajax form with real-time validation – masonry-style layout for elements, can be preview-images, folders (albums), or text pages (blog). In this case its blog, hence the amount of text. – another styled gallery view in various formats – Gallery slideshow/popup module with- and without interaction layer that appears on mouse intention. Includes image-preloading and smooth hardware-accelerated 3D transitions. Optional interface for touch devices for swiping.

      The page is 100% dynamic using html5 features and javascript of course, and unfortunately snapshots cannot display the interactions, animations and loading procedures. Also, it is running from blazing fast new Imagevue backend of course. All images load procedurally, and it loads image-sizes based on device screen size and dpi. There are tons more gallery examples and slideshows, but they are not ready yet. I will have something up within a week, even though it will still be premature.

  13. FABOULOUS – LOVE IT MAN! Like clean design so powerful! Such a good work :) – Can’t wait to see it in action. It’s gonna be awesome! – Keep up the good work :)

  14. mjau-mjau, you should know something went wrong:

  15. Hi Karl,

    Do you have any preliminary date of the new layout, X3?


    • This new page I am getting out will be a technological and structural framework for the new X3. I am trying to get this page out in demo mode any day now … It might not visually be identical to X3 though, or at best it will be a certain style and template of what X3 is capable of.

  16. Nicolas Zwarg Posted 3 years ago

    Indeed Karl, I’ve missed this preview message and I must say I love how it sounds and looks !!
    Great job done here ! Def. can’t wait no more ;)

  17. Hi Karl!

    As I understood there will be a completely new system you’re building.
    That includes a whole new admin system/manual/CSS etc?


    PS. Any updates for a beta version to see/use soon, even tho it has restricted functions? :)

    • Exactly. The only similarity will be that your content has a similar structure in terms of files and folders. Showcase website coming shortly!

  18. Great work Karl :D
    Well done. Looks like you’ve spent a lot of time and attention to detail to produce what you have so far. One gold star for you mate! ;)

    But be careful not to fall into the trap many designers do, by using too many grey’s and light grey’s and dark grey’s and mid-grey’s and lighter grey’s and darker greys… :P

    Many screens just don’t offer the contrast between elements and things won’t be seen or will be difficult to clearly see. So many developers use dark grey for their text font, which is the worst thing possible Text needs to be legible so please avoid this in your update :)

    Keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing the FINISHED product on the 1st of December 2013!!


    • Thanks for the reply …

      Just to to address the “grey” thing (ref. snapshot First of all, this is a very simple color scheme for my forthcoming home page, basically running on Imagevue X3, although there is a fair chance I will launch is as a color scheme also. It is actually a very light blue color, so technically not grey. I don’t like pure black text on pure white background (does anybody?), and the text contrast is quite legible on all devices. In the snapshot linked above, you will see a darker background behind the image … This is not something I added for fun, but reason for this being that this special “snapbox” feature demands a visual marker to separate the different “screens” each with one image, and a very subtle zebra-color solves this … Also because this layout uses “full width” for the images, and without some lines, it looks like some of the images are flying mid-air. Except for this, I don’t really see many “greys” … some navigation elements are “dark”, not black, simply because black is over-powering and also because this theme is in a blue-grey. The buttons are much more comfortable without pure black …

      The text font is in fact also a dark-blue-grey … are you saying you prefer pure black for your font on white background? I will not have any themes with black text on white BG, although you can likely tweak this yourself if need be. Some of the biggest sites in the world use #333 color text,, and they are even cautious! Thanks for your comments!

      • Hello Karl,
        Yes I was saying lighter coloured text in the most common 10px – 12px are almost illegible to me and illegible to others (including all screens 14 inches and smaller) using a lighter font colour (e.g. #555555 or lighter (or equivalent) becomes very difficult for people to distinguish – especially given everyone using light grey backgrounds..

        I don’t wear glasses and have 20/20 vision (AFAIK).

        For example this text field is #666666 and I have had to override the element and set it to black, just so I can proof read what I have written (and read it faster).

        Using between #000000 – #333333 means text can still be easily read.
        However, the darker the font colour and the lighter the background colour, the easier it is for the eye to differentiate content, view and read. It results in less eye strain and results in the text being read faster.

        Websites can still remain very attractive or “suave” by having darker, more legible, font colours! :D Yes #333 is perfectly acceptable. But when you go higher (lighter) than this, contrast is quickly lost.
        As you said, white backgrounds are not really neccessary, but blocks of light grey text encapsulated in dark grey background fill colours, just like above, that causes a fall in legibility.

        Quick example: (100%: Which is easier to read? :)

        Very keen to see your progress on X3!

        RE: An ooold discussion we had…. regarding GPS functionality.
        Don’t forget the photograph GPS Tagging EXIF data in X3! :D

        Thanks for the fast reply. Appreciate it greatly.
        Wish you all the best.

        • sure, this website is a wordpress theme, and created several years ago, and I agree the contrast is a bit vague …

          GPS EXIF tagging … Do you mean a feature in admin to tag each photo by GPS?

  19. I think it’s looking fantastic and can’t wait to implement it. Will we have full or partial control over the CSS?

  20. I think it looks fantastic and can’t wait to implement it! Will we have full or partial control over the CSS?

    • Well, the CSS will be a beast to be honest, because we are using vast amounts of CSS to accommodate advanced CSS3 behavior, animations, gallery layouts, menus etc. You will have access to edit CSS styles in a custom stylesheet, or create your own basic classes, but it will not be a super-simple effort to just “edit” the stylesheet (which will be über-complicated).

      I am not 100% sure how to solve customization yet, but you will have access to overwriting styles with your own.

  21. Hello

    No updates or news added to the blog for over 13 months.

    Is no progress being made on ImageVue improvements?
    The new version ETA was several months ago, and nothing is being added to the blog :(

    • Hi Neil,

      As you may or may not be aware, we have been progressing with Imagevue X3 for a while now, and this of course means there will be no more updates to Imagevue X2. I am not sure what ETA you are referring to, but you can find quite a lot of details, including proposed beta launch dates, for Imagevue X3 in this post:

      We are not posting official stuff in the blog at this point, because we are working with an X3 prototype, and you can see some updates and related blog posts here

  22. However the evolution of Imagevuex will looks like. I am looking forward for the new version! Especially hopefully without flash, so that Google can index the Galerie as well.

  23. Hey thanks for the inputs to Volmar.
    I am too waiting for new version.

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