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Imagevue X2.7.6

Imagevue X2.7.6

October 26th, 2011By mjau-mjau18 Comments
  • Fix for Facebook sharing
  • Drag’n’Drop for files in Admin (beta)
  • Textpages empty lines fix
  • Fixes for iOS5 devices
  • Login autofocus
  • TinyMCE updated 3.4.6
  • A bunch of other small fixes

18 Responses to "Imagevue X2.7.6"

  1. Why Couldn’t I use this version?

  2. Pavel Blahut Posted 5 years ago

    Hello Mjau-mjau, what about RSS feed in next upgrade? To let subscribers know i have uploaded new gallery. That would be pure awesomeness :-) thx for gr8 work! Pavel

  3. Hello

    I do not know where I put my questions about the program. So you will put the questions here, and I’m sorry that I sinned place.

    1 / Do you buy the program for one time only? Or need to renew monthly or yearly?

    Q / 2 over the past 5 months and until this moment there is not a new issue, why the delay and the slow progress in the development of the program?

    Program in general is good but the only drawback is the slow update .. There are many of the characteristics and features that you need to add to be in the level of ambition …

    • Sorry for the late reply – I missed this comment …

      1. Yes, you but the program only one time. You can use as long as you want, and you can also login to our website to download upgrades.

      2. Sorry, I have no proper answer to this, except that there will be a huge update in the end of April.

      We are aware that some things need to change.

  4. Hi,

    Will you be implementing CMS for the gallery(as an extension) anytime soon?
    It would be great for user’s who wish to put up news/blog posts with a flash frontend.

  5. Will Imagevue but updateable via moblie phone? Say I want to upload a photo I just took on my phone and upload to site? Also What if I want to do a blog and news updates and post new information via my phone? This would be essential to the grow of this product!!! I would buy this again with those additons and also twitter page updates add to a section that automatically updates my Social networking sites if I update my site. Please let me know which ones will be implemented so when the major update comes in April after tax time!

    Thanks a lot for the continued efforts!


    • I agree, but as the main frontend for Imagevue currently exists in flash, it is not focused towards neither mobile or blog in the first place. We certainly will be re-considering our efforts now that the usage and technology has shifted a great deal …

      First Imagevue 2.8 though later this month, with dedicated frontends for mobile, and then we will see whats next.

  6. A new version ( 2.8 ) for this month ?

      • A date?
        because I restructured my website …

        • Well, we are progressing quickly now, but I think we will be utilizing all of April, so expect Monday 30th of April for new release Imagevue X2.8 Beta, with major focus on new dedicated frontend for all mobile platforms (tablets, smartphones etc.)

  7. Released yet?

  8. Now ?

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