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Imagevue X2.6.4

Imagevue X2.6.4

February 10th, 2011By mjau-mjau7 Comments

Since releasing Imagevue X2.6 a weeks ago, we have released a few revisions that fix some minor bugs in X2.6. This is a compilation log of release revisions from 2.6.1 through to 2.6.4

  • Fix: Bug that caused Imagevue to not work if audio player is disabled
  • Fix: “View as” list bug when upgrading from the previous version
  • Fix: Imagevue Touch shortcut Icon
  • Fix: Javascript Error in IE
  • Fix: Removed shadow artifacts
  • Fix: IIS REQUEST_URI incompatibility
  • Fix: Path in “Can’t save configuration file” error
  • Fix: Bugs with authorization (2.6.3)
  • Fix: Small typo in config (2.6.3)
  • Fix: for folderOpen.gif 404 (2.6.3)
  • Fix: Infinite recursion bug which affects only certain versions of PHP5.2 (2.6.2)
  • Fix: IPTC National chars issue (2.6.1)

7 Responses to "Imagevue X2.6.4"

  1. Wim van Oel Posted 6 years ago

    When you expect Imagevue X2.6 has no more the beta status and is ready for download?

  2. Carlos Osterling Posted 6 years ago

    I want to embed videos from video sites. Is this possible?

  3. Nice update, although it took me some time to get used to the new directory lay-out.
    I noticed, though, that the checkbox ‘and edit the next file’ is cleared after pressing the save-button. In previous versions the state of the checkbox was maintained during editing, which I preferred. Any chance of this feature getting back in?

    Keep it up!
    – Joris

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