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Imagevue X2.8.3

Imagevue X2.8.3

August 29th, 2012By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Imagevue X2.8.3 › A few minor functional updates.

How to Upgrade

  • Settings/Seo/HTML Redirect to Flash if flash installed for SEO improvement.
  • Lightbox links are opened in a new window on Mobile version.
  • Fix for admin link when hosted on Windows servers.
  • FFMPEG support for video thumbnails creation (requires FFMPEG on server).
  • PHP5.4 Compatibility.
  • <br> converted to new line in HTML image titles.
  • Ability to rename users in admin.
  • Fixed clunky mobile scrolling.
  • _preview.jpg can be used for hidden folder preview images.

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