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Imagevue X2.5.2

A few vital fixes arrive with X2.5.2

Imagevue X2.5.2

December 28th, 2010By mjau-mjau10 Comments

A few vital fixes arrive with Imagevue X2.5.2

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  • Fixed a few notices and errors in PHP
  • Fixed bug with <<< and >>> in site title
  • MBString extension is not required
  • New colorpicker
  • Goodbye prototype, hello jQuery
  • Lightbox changed to Colorbox in html gallery
  • Fix for draggable files and folders for Opera
  • WYSIWYG Editor fixed
  • HTML contact form fixed
  • Cleanup of iv-include and iv-admin folders
  • Site title and descriptions added to for improved sharing
  • Removed CSS parsing in theme editor
  • Cleaned up theme editor

10 Responses to "Imagevue X2.5.2"

  1. Grimur Gudmundsson Posted 6 years ago

    This is a great update, now styleing works doesn’t parse out the code. Also the fix in Opera :-)

  2. Thanks for the update! When will we see Facebook like buttons and RSS feeds?

    • Sharing will hopefully be available in Imagevue X2.6 for January … RSS, I am not sure, but we will look into it.

  3. Hi, since sharing will be enabled in 2.6 will this include adding personal comments and linking to the content or will it just be a button linking to the “like” item?

    • I am not quite sure what you mean by “adding personal comments”. Sharing would normally place a link to the page the user is currently visiting on the specific social media page. It also may pull title and comments from that page, and sometimes a thumbnail also. You can get some further ideas by reading this:

      • I think what he means is able to comment each photo in imagevue, or at least I think it is what he means. But by the way it would be great if this option will be included in imagevue x2.6 :-)

  4. I would like to see more features of the site can create not only the text pages, but the html and php, and that they were available in the flash version of the site. or at least text pages maintained as much as possible html tags

  5. Great update indeed!

    Much faster, better looking and more user friendly!

  6. I love admin panel and folder/image sorting, but I’d like to see some new theme, something black.

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