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Preparing for Imagevue X3

March 9th, 2015By mjau-mjauNo Comments

We have been working for quite some time on the new Imagevue X3 gallery, which is very different in style and function from X2. Find notable information about the current status of X3 here.

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Imagevue X2.8.9

April 8th, 2013By mjau-mjau49 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.9 › A few new features and some fixes.

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Imagevue X2.8.8.2

March 18th, 2013By NickComment (1)

Imagevue X2.8.8.2 › A few maintenance fixes. How to Upgrade → Fix for Upload Resize always being forced New RSS feed parser in Dashboard Fix for TinyMCE insert images dimensions

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Imagevue X2.8.8.1

March 4th, 2013By mjau-mjau2 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.8.1 › A few fixes. How to Upgrade → Fix for ‘Error when loading’ in Flash gallery Fix for HTML Textpages bug introduced in a previous release Fix for contact form on some servers Fix for mobile Google Analytics

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Imagevue X2.8.8

February 7th, 2013By mjau-mjau2 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.8 › Several fixes and lazy loading.

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