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Imagevue X2.1.0

Imagevue X2.1.0

May 3rd, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Its been some time since last major update, but here we are again with a few goodies. Most important new features are WYSIWIG editor for admin(textpages), admin facelift, new sitemap feature, folder titles+descriptions for HTML gallery, date sorting from EXIF, 2 new themes: zanzibar and persimmon, CSS font hover style for main menu and new function that stops audio when a video/FLV loads. See full list below:


  • WYSIWYG Editor for textpages
  • General facelift
  • Admin navigation bar in frontend(html+flash)
  • New diagnostics page
  • IE8 Compatibility


  • Sitemap added ?p=sitemap (example here)
  • Folder title and description added to HTML Gallery

Script improvements

  • EXIF DateTimeOriginal used instead of file datetime where available
  • General bugfixes, improvements and optimization
  • The title of the folder shown instead of the physical folder name if it’s available in copy / move dropdowns
  • Fraction simplifying added to shutter speed
  • EMAIL: Now you can use vars like [receiverName] in email subject

Flash gallery

  • 2 new themes persimmon and zanzibar with scalable SWF backgrounds
  • Added new slideshow “END” event option – Choose between the following events once the slideshow reaches the last image:
    # loop – loops the slideshow from last image back to first image (default)
    # stop – stops the slideshow on last image
    # thumbnails – goes to thumbnails mode after last image is displayed
    # startpath – Loads the startpage/startpath after last image is displayed
    # Only works in autoplay slideshow mode, eg. does not execute if user is browsing images manually.
    # The new setting is available in admin › settings › settings.image.slideshow.end_event
    # Read more in forum
  • Added CSS style to hide or restyle file extensions in displayed name
    # Read more in forum
  • Added CSS style for change font style on menu item hover
    # Added as default to all imagevue themes
    # Usage:

    .mainmenu_title_hover {
    	color: #CC9900;
  • Added “auto” setting for text alignment style for optimized text/descriptions.
    # Allows description to align automatically based on size/aspect of image. This setting is now default.
    # Displays description ABOVE image for landscape images, and on the RIGHT of the image for portrait images.
  • Added setting for menubutton_height
    # Read more in forum
  • Added a few settings for video in settings ›
    # controlsAutoHide – Choose to autohide the video controls, so they only display on mouse over
    # autoPlay – Sets the video to start automatically. If set to false, viewer will have to click the play button to start video
    # bufferTime – Sets the buffertime for loading videos
    # stopAudioPlayer – Stops the Imagevue audioplayer when a video loads, to make room for audio from the video file
  • Fixed bug with “Copy Image Location” control
    # Read more in forum
  • Fixed bug open/collapse-bug when = 1
  • Fixed thumbnailscroller vertical offset bug
    # Read more in forum
  • Fixed bug where image-specific buttons(popup, purchase, window etc.) may not trigger correct image-index if enabled in main controls
    # Read more in forum
  • Fixed bug with FLV video disappearing when going from video-fullscreen back to normal display
  • Fixed “back” button from emailer easier clickable

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