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Imagevue X2.7.1

Imagevue X2.7.1

June 1st, 2011By mjau-mjauNo Comments

A week after releasing Imagevue X2.7, we have released a minor update with a few fixes and patches.

  • Fixed bug with languages when title is disabled in textpages – Forum
  • Fixed when clicking fotomoto “buy” icon, it correctly toggles dropdown
  • Fixed bug with thumbnails for non-latin characters – Forum
  • Fixed bug with @ character for windows/wmode – Forum
  • Fixed bug with breadcrumbs that displayed folder icons in title
  • Added language parsing directly from PHP. Provides some new possibilities
  • Reset SFX for main menu pre-X2.7 style
  • Fixed bug in Admin where files were moved instead of copied – Forum
  • Fixed bug where HTML gallery was displaying files with ignored extensions
  • Added updated Hungarian language
  • Problem with language switch described by mabro in this thread
  • A server-specific config saving issue reported by email

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