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Imagevue X2.8 Mobile

One gallery to rule them all.

Imagevue X2.8 Mobile

June 23rd, 2012By mjau-mjauNo Comments

One gallery to rule them all. Imagevue X2.8 includes a new beautiful mobile version, so the gallery now runs gracefully across all devices and platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. We have also launched 4 new, modern, optimized and flexible themes including a new default theme. If that is not enough, there is also a new video player, lightbox feature and map links for images with location geodata.

DownloadX2.8 Gallery Demo

  • Mobile Gallery
    We are hereby proud to launch a dedicated mobile version of the Imagevue gallery, which is basically a frontend exclusively for smartphones and touchscreen devices. This version will automatically display for all devices accessing the gallery from any touchscreen- or smartphone device. With the new Mobile gallery, Imagevue now covers all platforms: laptops and desktops with flash support will see the flash version, while mobile devices will be redirected to the mobile version … the best of both worlds! The mobile gallery comes with in a attractive interface optimized for touch, with support for swiping between images, and support for video (*mp4 only). The mobile gallery comes in two flavors: light and dark. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Get out your iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, iPads and check out the demo:
    Mobile Light ThemeMobile Dark Theme
    * If you are checking the above links from a non-mobile device, please reset your gallery afterwards.

    Mobile Setup Guide

  • New Themes (flash version)
    With Imagevue X2.8, we are also launching a batch of beautiful themes, including a new default theme called ‘carbonizer’. All the new themes come with a selection of backgrounds to choose from, as well as an optional stylesheet with a strong color contrast. See new theme demos:


    New Themes Guide

  • New Video Player
    Introducing a brand new video player that supports FLV and MP4 files, improves fullscreen rendering and has better buffering. The new video player by default opens in a new lightbox window to avoid complications with the flash gallery. By exporting your videos to MP4, your videos will now be available both for the mobile gallery as well as the flash gallery! See demo:

    DemoRead more

  • New Lightbox Feature
    With Imagevue X2.8, there is a new lightbox feature available, which makes it possible to open images, video, maps, pages or other links in a nice lightbox layer. By default, we have substituted the “open in window” and “open in popup” options with the new lightbox option. You also have the option to trigger lightbox from the main menu, or from text links in your descriptions or text pages. Try clicking any of the Photo, Video or Map links from the demo text page:

    DemoRead more

  • Map Links
    Imagevue now displays interactive Google Maps for any photos that contain location geo-data. This can be either if the image is taken with a GPS-enabled device, or if you have tagged the location in the photo with an application like iPhoto. See Examples:


  • Nice URLs
    With this release, we decided to make the URL nicer. Instead of having links like /#/content/path/photo.jpg, we are just removing the static content item, and instead have a nicer short URL /#/path/photo.jpg. Not only does this look nicer, but it is also more secure as external visitors can’t easily see the direct path to your files and folders. Imagevue SWF is still backwards compatible and supports “#/content”, but we recommend removing this item if you have external links.
  • All user configs, themes and languages are stored in iv-config folder
  • [x] HTML [x] Flash [x] Mobile – Platform/device selector for folders in admin
  • Themes in admin display with descriptions
  • Dedicated Menu Logo option
    settings › menu.mainmenu.menu_logo
    read more ›
  • Caching for very large galleries if iv-config/cache is writable
  • Improved visibility for large controls next/previous
    theme › controls.largecontrols.arrow_color
  • PHP5.4 Compatibility
  • Revamped Demo/Examples
  • HTML startpath option
    settings › settings.htmlstartpath
  • Contact form sends e-mails with an image
  • Added bottom_right for image text positions
    settings › image.text.textX.bottom_right
  • Contact form spam protection
  • New settings for thumbnails horizontal_amount and vertical_amount
    settings › thumbnails.thumbnails.horizontalamount
    settings › thumbnails.thumbnails.verticalamount
  • Fixed thumbnails layout bug
  • Background Color for transparent PNG thumbnails and images
    settings › thumbnails.thumbnail.backgroundColor
  • SEO -> Google Analytics Global option
  • Fixed sharebutton when navigating between text page and thumbnails
  • Fixed share in main menu
  • Various minor SWF fixes
  • Various usability and general improvements


We will be rolling out new docs for the mobile gallery, new themes and other feature soon!

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