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Custom Logo

How to add a custom logo on top of menu

Custom logo on top of the menu

* This feature was simplified and automated since Imagevue X2.8.

To add a logo above your menu in Imagevue X2.8, simply go to admin › settings › menu.mainmenu.menu_logo, and add the path to your logo file. We recommend uploading your logo to the iv-config/ folder so that it gets stored safely even after upgrading Imagevue.

  • Save your logo in PNG 24 format with transparency enabled for best results.
  • You can use any dimensions, and the menu will automatically adapt. However, we recommend a width smaller than 200 px and a height 50-200 px depending on your logo aspect.
  • Upload your logo to the iv-config/ folder by means of FTP.
  • Your path in the menu_logo setting should be something like: iv-config/mylogo.png.
  • You can download an example of a logo in PNG 24 format here.

10 Responses to "Custom logo on top of the menu"

  1. Robert Hansen Posted 6 years ago

    Is it possible to add a link to the logo ?

    I want to press it and go back to HOME

  2. in 2.7.4 i cant put logo.png in Style › Background Image, there is only select option there ??

  3. how to place the menu 90px below the custom logo?

  4. Wim van Oel Posted 5 years ago

    I am building my website.

    I want to place my logo on the top of the menu.

    I save my logo.gif to image/iv-includes/themes/default

    Then I open the themes edit mode. In the background_image mode , I can only choose within the URL: background.gif or thumb.jpg, but not the logo.jpg (why jpg and not gif?)

    What do I wrong.
    Can you help me

    Wim van Oel.

  5. Wim van Oel Posted 5 years ago

    On reaction to your comment in the forum about the Custom logo on the top of the menu, you mentioned that ” You would then replace your logo image with the SWF in your theme …”;but where is the SWF in the white theme?
    Please give us an easy description in the documentation how to place the logo.

    Thanks for your help

    Wim van Oel.

  6. There is an upload button at the upper right corner in the theme’s editor. It allows you to upload your backgrounds, be it jpg, or swf to the theme’s folder. After you upload a file it will appear in the background dropdowns.

  7. Wim van Oel Posted 5 years ago

    Thank you very much; you give me the real solution.

    Wim van Oel.

  8. Good post .. I really like it ..

  9. when I put the link “iv-config/menu_logo/logo.png” my menu disappears?
    Why would you?

  10. Please tell me is it possible to get back “main menu” button if menu is auto hidden and logo enabled?

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