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Other Features

Other Features in the Imagevue Control Panel

Other Features

  • Diagnostics – Links to a diagnostics page in your control panel. This is a tool that may help sort out issues, and we wll often use ourselves
    when we are diagnosing a gallery issue
  • Clear Cache – This action is used to clear thumbnail attribute values from the folderdata.xml files. You will need to click this if
    you are uploading files from FTP(after you have uploaded them). Some times, you may need to click this button also if you have updated thumbnails in any of your folders
  • Flash – Preview your current Flash gallery frontend
  • HTML – Preview your HTML gallery
  • Logout – Log out from the admin control panel

4 Responses to "Other Features"

  1. Hello,
    i created a new Folder and start uploading PDF Dokuments but after uploadine at 100% it comes an error message “Error 503” ???? i dont understand whats wrong and how i could place PDF Documents with an Previe Picture at my Galery ?

    thank you

  2. What size are your PDF files? Can you upload normal image files? If its not related to filesize, we need to check your admin. Please use the forum or support e-mail form.

  3. Is it possible to put a link from a picture in one gallery to a folder containg a different group of pictures.

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