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Folder Parameters

How to set folder-specific parameters

Folder Parameters

With the new folder-specific parameters field, you can change how each and every folder in your gallery displays. For example, you may want to have one folder start in image-mode instead of thumbnails-mode. Or you may want to create a section with slideshow, no navigation controls and different styles applied. Basically, you can edit any setting that is available in the main config- and theme settings.

How to apply a Setting

To apply a specific setting, you will need to use dot syntax to refer the correct setting. To locate your setting, go to admin › settings, and look at the structure for a specific setting. For example, to change the startmode setting, you would need to set settings.startmode:


To apply autostart for the slideshow, you would need to use image.slideshow.autostart, basically because the autostart setting is located under image › slideshow › in your settings:


Add the setting to the Parameters field for the folder you want to change and click save.

Multiple Settings

You can easily combine settings by using the & character to separate each value. For example, using the two parameters above would require inputting:


Settings Availability
Keep in mind, only settings that change on a per-folder level will work. For example, you can not change the background-image, simply because the gallery does not load a new background image for each folder. Basically you can change any setting that comes into effect after a folder is clicked in the main menu.


Go to the Demo Gallery more examples page, and scroll down to Folder Parameters. Some examples of usage:

Start a folder in slideshow mode, and hide most of the controls.


Video Start Page
Set a video in a folder to display directly without first showing thumbnails. Perfect for setting up a start-page with a single video, and no controls interface.


Scaled Images
Change the image scale method for a specific folder. For example, set your images to display in full scale!


Themed Folder
Use folder parameters to change theme styles for a specific folder. We just tossed around a few settings in this example!



It is slightly tedious to locate and input the settings you want, but at least we have a fundament that provides a lot of flexibility. We hope to release some functional improvements in a future release.

Flashvars in Documents

You can use the same dot syntax as above to create gallery documents with unique settings through FLASHVARS. Just keep in mind you need to use the vertical-bar | for separating values instead of &. For example in your document:

var flashVars = {
	parameters: 'settings.startmode=image|image.slideshow.autostart=true'

81 Responses to "Folder Parameters"

  1. I was wondering is it possible to hide everything except the image using parameters? Hide menu, controls and all the other. So it will be like just the image.

    • We already did that in the “slideshow” example code from above. Just remove the “autostart” setting, and you will have something like:


      • Hi and thanks for the reply, that doesn’t hide the main menu. What I’m trying to do is if I would like to embed an album to lets say wordpress, which only shows a slideshow. Is this possible?

        • You can actually set this in the document where you are embedding imagevue:

          var flashVars = {
          main_menu: ‘false’

  2. Also one other thing, is there not like a list of all possible parameters that one is able to use?

    • There is no list for this right now. Basically, ALL the settings in config- and theme are available to set through folder parameters. However, only items that are actually set on a per-folder based, actually work. For example, since the main menu is unrelated to folder (it is global), then you can not control it with folder parameters.

      Perhaps we can build some list later …

  3. OK, thanks for the info.

  4. Vasco Lourenco Posted 6 years ago

    Hi, is there any parameter or another way to hide, in the menu, the number of files a folder has?

    • Yes, but this is unrelated to folder parameters. This is set globally in you theme CSS stylesheet:

      .mainmenu_node {
      display: none;

  5. Hey Karl.
    Is there a way through these parameters settings to allow download button for all images in a specific folder (not all folders).
    I try to add lines like
    but doesn’t seem to work and I couldn’t find some kind of pameters listing :)


    • OK I’ve found it.
      Parameters to set is :

      So question closed ;)
      Have a nice day.

  6. How can I hide the image count for a single folder? My homepage is called FOTO BUNEA and i don’t want it to be showed as FOTO BUNEA [25]

  7. Unfortunately, this is a global setting to show- or not show the [filecount] in the menu. You can not set it in folder-parameters, because this only affect settings in folders as they load … not the main menu. You would need to consider disabling the [count] completely.

  8. Hello,

    I want to disable folder description in _one_ folder.
    So I enter this string in the parameter box for that folder:

    It doesn’t work (folder description is still on).

    Any thoughts?

    • There is not actually a setting as you describe … Instead, there is an array:


      Try setting it to:


  9. That worked like a charm, thanks!

  10. How to hide imagebutton specifically? Such as I want to hide open in window button. I tried following code, it does not work.

    • I got it !


      The imageinfo and share buttons will be shown specifically.

      Thank you !

  11. Hi all,

    I just turned the background to white and so I notice black squares emerges from the top right corner of my photos when mouse-over and disappears on mouse-off.

    What is this, how do I get rid of it? Look at the page (seen on firefox and safari):

    • This is because of a few unfortunate settings that in combination, creates a bug in Imagevue. For image buttons, you have only kept the zoom-buttons and at the same time, you have set scale_limit to prevent images from scaling larger than originals … In addition to this, you have set your image to display at optimized so the chances of it being downscaled are minimal … All this leads to the zoom imagebuttons not being required, while the buttons are being created …

      For now, this can easily be fixed by one of the following solutions:
      1. Disable your image buttons entirely …
      2. Add any other option in your imagebuttons …

      The bug will be fixed!

  12. Well played mjau-mjau, thanks!

  13. Cebotari Ruslan Posted 5 years ago

    I was wanderring what is the parameter to set up the width of description text for a gallery, not thumbtail or image but the gallery which is on top of all thumbtails. Thank you.

    • The width of the text above the thumbnails in folder view, is decided by the total width of the thumbnails. Don’t you think it would look weird if the text started further to the left or further to the right? … or if it breaks in the middle?

  14. “image.slideshow.loop=false” is it possible to do it, on start page?
    How ı can do loop false for start page when ı am using start page in slideshow filemod?

    • You cannot use folder parameters to affect the filemod slideshow. You would instead need to set up your startpage folder to work as a normal gallery, and then use parameters to start it as a slideshow (as in our example in this page)

  15. Hi, please make some radio buttons/checkboxes for folder parameters. This “parameter copy solution” is very uncomfort and non-userfriendly. We live 21st century and setting up a CMS content page via parameters in year 2011 is like lighting with candles. I have no time for studying a searching all the parameters every time when I need upload some photos to a folders with specific settings. Thank you.

  16. I have horizontal menu.
    i want an autohide on my folder.
    menu.mainmenu.autohide=true don’t work.

    • Folder parameters are for FOLDERS and do not affect properties for global items like the main menu. If you want to set autohide for the main menu, then just go to admin -> settings -> menu.mainmenu.autohide, and set it to true.

      Other than this, the horizontal menu does not use all the settings from the vertical menu. Autohide will not work for the horizontal menu unfortunately.

  17. Hi,

    Is “thumbnails.tooltip.enabled=true” not possible? I want to enable the tooltips in 1 folder. On the other folders toltips should disabled..


  18. i wonder if there is a setting to allow one specific folder to be downloaded from!
    All the pictures on my site are looking only. except this download folder.
    hope someone can help.

    • You can easily use folder parameters to allow direct download of images only for this one folder. First of all, you may want to disable downloads by following these instructions:

      Thereafter, you can enable some of the same features for a specific folder by adding them to folder parameters. For example: image.imagebuttons.buttons=window,download,etc (Just add the buttons you want, in addition to the download button and or other buttons that allow download like “window” … basically enable the same ones that you disabled globally through settings).

  19. Is it possible to remove the title above the images into a slideshow for a specific folder?
    Like this :

    • Sorry, what do you mean “move title above images into a slideshow”? You can disable titles for a specific folder, if that is what you mean … ?

      • Hi mjau..

        I’d like to turn off / remove the title inside the picture filemod folder? thanks!

        • You mean you dont want to show any text for your filemod? Just write in the parameters field for that folder:

  20. What parameter do I have to put to aling in center the title text of the site?Thanks

  21. Hi mjau-mjau and the others,

    I don’t find how to set the url settings to skip automatically to the next folder, in slideshow mode. Is it possible help me ?


    • sorry, this isnt possible because of the structure of folders and subfolders, including sorting. You have these options for the event after a slideshow is on the last image:


      settings > image.image.slideshow.END_EVENT ->Sets the action on slideshow end event. To use the ‘url’ option, you must enable the ‘url1’ setting in attributes > folder, before you can create separate urls for each folder from the admin.

  22. hi , those control button (share , extent, download) , bottom right,I have on my site, are maincontrols or large controls?, how to disable or hide. thanks

    • They are MAINCONTROLS. You can go to admin -> settings -> controls.maincontrols.enabled … They already autohide.

      • thanks, so i don’t understand why in my case they are not enabled , not autohide, and no matter wich position i set them , above the image, right left etc. they are there , always there down right. I’m missing something

  23. Hallo,
    In my gallery I created a folder that contain subfolders…
    I explain folders ITERIORS tha contain other subfolders ATELIERS and HOME.
    In HTML and Mobile the ITERIORS folder haveno image like the other 2 folders..
    Is it possible put an icon image in the folder without upload an image that in flash I don’t like?
    I hope to explain me.

    My best regards

    • Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. Each folder needs to have an image inside to be able to create a preview image. If there is none, then it cannot use a preview image. We will need to consider if we can add some special feature for this in a future release.

  24. Is it possible using the Parameters field add the keywords for the article, I mean meta tag keywords. I didn’t find this future yet… (

    • What exactly would be the point of this even if you could? Imagevue does not use “pages” or “articles”, and even if it did, Google or any other search engine doesn’t use keywords so whats the point?

  25. I have uploaded a gallery of images for clients how do I configure the gallery so when the client logs they will only see the flash slideshow, no menus, options, etc? At the moment I cannot see a way of changing this, please help???

    • If there is no menu, then they will not be able to navigate between folders of course. So you want to ONLY have Imagevue as a slideshow for a single folder then? You can turn off the menu under admin -> settings -> menu.mainmenu.enabled … disable it.

  26. where do i put metadata description and keywords…
    i done wish for the google to SEE this text…ANOTHER GALLERY FROM IMAGEVUE…i want to use my own description but a cant find it.

  27. thanks nick..

    i have a problem here its not imagevue but pc related..on the nav bar on the left when i put my mouse over a gallery link normally a thun
    mbnail appears all i get is an empty box..this also happens on the thumbnail scroller also..i know this software works ok on my other pc but not on my main one…

    i loaded google chrome and this cured the problem..but now its also happening in google chrome and puzzled i have tried everything..have you seen this problem berfore ?

    • This is a bug with the new Flash player, but we fixed a workaround. See here and update!


      • Hi Nick

        tried to log in to get update..its telling me log in details incorrect ???

        • keith duffy Posted 4 years ago

          ok nick i have managed to upload new files but i still get this problem in both ie9 and chrome…all other type of flash sites works ok except imagvue???

          • It must be a caching issue, you would have to clear the browser’s cache first.

  28. keith duffy Posted 4 years ago

    i have cleared cache but still the same

    • It would help if we move the discussion to the email support, please provide a link to your gallery as well.


  29. Tobias Hartman Posted 4 years ago

    I wonder if folder parameters can be used to disable auto titling in one folder…
    I very much like that all the paintings (photos og paintings) on the site have autotitling, yet when entering the site i would love to get rid of the unwanted title “start”. Folder is set to filemod, slideshow and otherwise all on the page is as I want….

    Cheers :)

  30. Tobias Hartman Posted 4 years ago

    I got it… in parameters i put title=false :)

  31. sven goldecker Posted 4 years ago


    is it possible to show the Thumbnail Infos right from entering a folder without first have to trigger by a RollOver-Action?

    • Sorry, this feature is not currently available in Imagevue due to space considerations. Titles and descriptions only appear on mouse hover event.

  32. I use the demo version on this moment.
    i read the folder paramaters and set them

    i try every combination for above but nothing works .
    when i start up no folder start even if i set only 1 folder in content,

    Whats wrong ?,

    • Even though you have set the startmode, and autostart, have you set an actual STARTPATH? If the startpath is set to false or nothing, then it wont even load a folder never mind what mode to start. Check your settings -> settings.startPath. If it does not help, please reply with a link so I can check.

      • Thanks for response

        startpath = brandweer brasschaat title of the album
        startpath html = / i dondt use the html

        but when i set that brandweer brasschaat and use html

        result = same no start folder only left the menu with the folders;

        and the admin menu on the right side of the screen is always hidden
        what i change in settings always same??,

        link to site

        • First of all, folder parameters only work for the flash version so lets make that clear before talking about the html version. No matter what, you need to have a startpath for the flash version.

          I can see now that you have successfully set the startpath now and the gallery has slideshow mode and image mode. What is the problem?

          If you want to report something wrong with the HTML gallery, then that is a separate topic. Please consider posting stuff like this in the forum, its better for support.

  33. Sorry for the html problem.

    i dondt now what you see on the startup page.
    I only see a black page and in the left upper corner the menu.
    When i click in the menu on a folder the folder start up.
    Is it not possible when i come on the startpage from my site that the slide show in this case brandweer brasschaat start .

    And sorry but my englisch write is not so good.

  34. first of all thanks for the respons.
    problem found now its a browser problem.
    At home i use a mac with firefox and a windows pc with chrome both dondt show the slideshow.
    Now i see the slideshow when i use internet explorer when i switch back to firefox or chrome i dondt see the slide show.
    i go search now how i can fix that problem.

    • i give it up now.
      on all the other website app flash works fine ,
      Only things from imagevue dondt work
      the only work in a lower internet explorer in ie 9 it doest work.
      on the workstation 5 h back by previous reply lower ie explorer it works;
      now at home on windows pc whit ie 9 the slideshow doest start
      in chrome doest start?
      opera doest start?
      safari doest start ?
      and yes i have flash player correct installed.

      before i buy this great program its very nice to handle must i have a solution for that.

      • Sorry, I believe we replied to this by email? Blog comments dont get checked every day. I am not sure why things are not working for you … You are going through ALL browserer saying it dont start … Then it simply dont start OK, but I need a link to diagnose or check your gallery. It is not a browser issue if it dont start in any browsers …

  35. Hi , I wondered if there is a way we can set a page up to allow viewers to post a comment about any images within the gallery.
    Thank you

  36. Hello,

    So these are all the possible configuration options?
    Could you provide an example of how to locate the correct “name” of the setting and where to locate the available options / variables for that particular option/setting.

    Gallery/Slideshow Folder:

    Themed Folder:

    Sorry but it’s beyond me where I’m meant to know where all these settings live!
    Thank you.

    • Sorry, folder parameters is a complicated topic. Basically it is just a METHOD to allow you to overwrite any of the main settings from the gallery, for a single folder. So where are these main settings? They are all available in your admin -> settings, including short descriptions about each setting.

      Also, the folder parameters will only work for settings that apply for a folder. For example, you cannot enable/disable the MAINMENU on a per-folder basis, but you can enable/disable the IMAGECONTROLS that appears with images.

      For a full list of settings, basically you can see the Imagevue settings tree:

      As you can see, it is a tree structure, so you need to access each setting in parameters with structural syntax. For example the following setting:

      To change this setting through folder parameters, you would use:

      • Hello :)

        I understand how to do that now.

        But what about more standard things like:
        title=blah blah blah
        Things like this don’t appear to work in all folder types…

        Start folder has these parameters:
        title=This is your gallery

        However if you add the same to the Contact folder, nothing happens, it still has “Contact” in the menu and on the page’s top heading.


        Thank you.

  37. Would love to see these settings expandable into a GUI menu that we can click instead of manually code!

  38. I agree with Joel

    If there was an expandable tree on the side with the hierarchy of options, with checkboxes for each child or option to be overridden, and then a field below with either drop-down select field, radio input, text input etc…

    This would be truly useful.

    • Sure I agree it would be helpful. The thing is, this method was added as per-folder override method separate from how the main settings work in essence. Furthermore, it only works for settings that are re-applied on a per-folder setting, and not even all of them. Basically, its just a “hack”, which would be difficult to work into an actual interface from an already bloated settings structure. We are currently looking forward to Imagevue X3.

  39. I’m obviously not a developer, but I don’t think my suggestion changes or modifies how the settings are coded or applied on a per-folder setting.

    My suggestion is how the parameters *appear* to the admin. It’s simply a GUI facelift so we can see what possible settings are available, and what values are available for those settings.

  40. Hi, thanks for information, I’m a photographer and i want to change my website. this is a good information.

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