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Users Page

Manage Users for the Imagevue Control Panel

Users Page

The Users Page allows you to edit- and create multiple users for the Imagevue Control Panel. You can change your own password, or you can create a new user. You may for example want to create a user that only has access to edit a certain folder in your gallery. Maybe a client with their own sub-section?

Users Overview

When you enter the users page, the first thing you will see is a list of existing users. By default, there is only the admin user, but you can create others users with or without limitations ›

  • Edit User – Click the user name or the edit icon to edit this users attributes
  • Delete User – Click the red X to delete this user
  • Add User – Click this button to ADD a new user

Edit User

After clicking to edit a user, you have a few options ›

  • Username – Keep the existing username or change it to something else
  • Password – Change the password for this user
  • Re-type password – Re-type the password from the field above to avoid any typos
  • Access – Choose the access type for the user. Setting access to admin allows the user to edit any folders or settings. Setting access to restricted will limit the user to only be able to edit folders defined in the drop-down menu. Restricted users will not be able to edit settings or create new users either.

Create New User

When creating a new user, you have the same options as when editing a user. The only difference is that you are creating a new user.

4 Responses to "Users Page"

  1. I have tried about 100 different picture galleries and not found a good one until now.
    This is by far `the best i have tried..
    I will experiment with it for a while until i feel confident that it won’t fail like so many others i have used….i will buy top package when i feel confident…maybe a few weeks should do it.

    Great Gallery i luv it best one so far


  2. Hello. I have a user who needs access to two different galleries. Is there a way she can do this with only one logon, or do I have to make her two different users? Thanks.

    • When you say two different galleries, I assume you mean the same as two different folders? Unfortunately, login restrictions are based on physical folders. If the two folders are within a common folder, then make the restriction to the common parent folder. Unfortunately, you cannot “group” the same login for several abstract folders.

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