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Quickstart Guide

How to set up your Imagevue X2 Gallery in a few simple steps

X2 Quickstart Guide

Imagevue Quickstart Guide

Setting up the Imagevue X2 gallery to work in it’s default state is a breeze! Let’s follow the procedure step-by-step

Download Imagevue

Download Imagevue

First, you need to download Imagevue X2!
Imagevue Downloads

Unpack the ZIP file

Unpack the ZIP file

Locate the [] file you downloaded, and unpack it. You should see a single folder [imagevue]. This folder represents your gallery folder, which you will be uploading to your website.

Upload Imagevue X2 to your website

Upload Imagevue X2 to your website

Upload the entire folder [imagevue] to your website and rename the folder to anything you like, for example gallery or portfolio. This will be your root gallery folder, and represents the link to your gallery.

Setting the Imagevue Gallery as your Startpage
If you want the Imagevue X2 gallery to be the startpage of your website, for example, simply open the [imagevue] folder and upload the contents directly to the root of your website, instead of uploading the entire folder.

Check that your Gallery is working!

Check that your Gallery is working!

The links to your gallery should be similar as below for your main flash gallery, html gallery, and the control panel – Don’t worry about admin login for now:

Your Gallery Links{gallery folder name}/{gallery folder name}/iv-admin/

* You may also want to check your mobile gallery from a tablet or smartphone.

Set folder permissions

Set folder permissions

Optional! This action may not be required, depending on your web server

Before you can enjoy gallery management from the control panel, you may need to set permissions for some of the folders so that the Imagevue control panel can freely create and delete files/folders and manage themes/configurations and users. You will need to give full permissions to the following files and folders:

Allows the admin to save changes to settings, themes, and languages.

Allows the admin to manage files and folders in your content folder.

Setting Folder Permissions

Finally, remember to authorize your gallery!

19 Responses to "Quickstart Guide"

  1. Most peoples imagevuex is not in its default state…so a category called “Upgrading” needs to be visual and obvious.

  2. We have some information on this, here:

    I also got your e-mail, so we will look into this …

    • Oh, also keep in mind that your gallery is always slow the first time it loads. This is when it builds the cache …

  3. Peter C Koczera Posted 5 years ago

    Is there a PDF version of documentation to download?
    In addition is there a specific documentation with a much more detailed step by step format?
    I get so far with web page documentation but not enough to fully implement many functions?
    Thank You

    • Its a quickstart guide because its as short as its get just to get the gallery up and running in its default state. Next step is to simply upload photos, or change the settings or themes, and there are separate documentation pages for that … In the right menu!

      Sorry, there is no PDF for now! Any questions can come by support e-mail or through the forum!

  4. The second step “Check that your gallery is working” isn’t explained very well. If I understand though, Im just supposed to go to a browser and key in{gallery folder name}/ and something should show up?

    If I dial in (I renamed my imagevuex folder to be “Gallery”) I get an error that reads like this:

    Warning: include_once(../Imagevue.X2.7.6.5/imagevue.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/bobtem/ on line 24

    Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘../Imagevue.X2.7.6.5/imagevue.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear’) in /home/bobtem/ on line 24

    • Well, in a “quickstart guide”, that is step 2 and you have followed it 100% correctly with the result that the gallery is simply not working as you specify. A) Either there is some corrupted file uploaded on your server, or B) There is some unknown issue with your server that we need to look into.

      I checked some diagnostics here, and there seems to be no problem:

      Is it possible you could provide FTP access and send me details by support email? In any case, I will have my partner take a look at this and see if he can figure out why it seems to be choking on this error message.

    • Hi Bob,

      I believe some files weren’t fully uploaded (provided you didn’t modify them). Right now I see this, for instance:

      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’ in /home/bobtem/ on line 42

      There are no syntax errors in the files we supply.

  5. Miguel Perez Posted 4 years ago

    I bought it now, I’m sure it’s a good investment ..

    thanks Friends.

  6. JOANN CASTLE Posted 3 years ago

    I just bought the commercial version and am trying to get it up and running in Dreamweaver but this is what i get:

    Sorry, Imagevue requires PHP 5.1.3 to run. You have PHP installed.

    How do I get the required file?

    Thank you!

  7. Hi Joann,

    I am not sure what you intend to do with it in in Dreamweaver. Imagevue is a dynamic application, that needs to run on a PHP web server. All settings are handled by the admin once it is running from a web server. You could install it locally, but that would require that you have a PHP server on your computer, which is unlikely. Even if you did though, you can’t really edit it with Dreamweaver … Dreamweaver is for creating or editing html, whereas Imagevue is a complex application.

  8. Can I delete all those .DS_Store files in multiple folders??

    • yes. I imagine you may have set this up on your mac first? They are not included in the official released version.

      • Actually I’m on Windows7. I just downloaded the latest version from your site and those files were there. I can’t explain it.

        • This was a mistake from us in the latest release … We have removed them in latest release. You can safely delete these files.

  9. Wendell Brown Posted 3 years ago

    I am working with “Moonfruit” sitebuilder…. We do not have our own server. Can you recommend a good PHP web server for me?

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