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Social Media Sharing

Sharing and Social Media in Imagevue

Social Media Sharing in Imagevue

Since Imagevue X2.6, we added new social media and sharing features to Imagevue. Social Media integration is a multi-layered subject, as discussed in this Imagevue forum topic. Basically, there is 1. The share button, 2. Connect to your own Social Media Channels and 3. The “Social Thing” widget.

The Share Button

Imagevue Share Button

In Imagevue, there is now a new share button available. When you mouse over the share button, a handful of social media services appear, ready to share the specific page you are visiting. When you click any of the specific services, you will be linked onwards to confirm the share.

Facebook Share Example

In the screenshot above, we are about to share a gallery folder on Facebook. After sharing the link, visitors clicking the link in Facebook will be forwarded directly to the specific gallery page/image that was shared.

More button

At the bottom of the share button options, there is a button “more”. Upon clicking the “more” button, an overlay-window opens with basically all sharing options known to mankind:

Share Button Options

You can disable, or choose which sharing services to display in the share-menu, by going to admin › settings › Simply find the code for the service you wish to use from the AddThis Services List, and add the code to the array. For example:

  • In the example above, the email setting triggers the native Imagevue e-mail module
  • You can set your own custom title by using the | character. In the example above, we are using the email code, but we wanted to set our own title , so we set: email|E-mail
  • Other sharing items are set from the AddThis Services List
  • By using the “more” code, you can are adding a button that opens an extended sharing menu with all services

The share button is by default available from folder page, text pages and of course from images. You also have the option to add the share button globally to the main controls.

  • Thumbnails/folder PagesAdmin › Settings › thumbnails.thumbnails.sharebutton
  • Text PagesAdmin › Settings › textpage.sharebutton
  • Image/File PagesAdmin › Settings › image.imagebuttons.buttons
  • Main ControlsAdmin › Settings › controls.maincontrols.items

The share menu inherits the style of your theme. You can specifically edit the text formatting by editing your theme CSS stylesheet:

.sharemenu {}

You can also add a global sharing button in your main menu for visitors to simply share your gallery home page!

Global Share Menu Item

To add a share button in your main menu, simply create a new folder item called “share”. This will automatically become a share button in your main menu. You can of course change the title of the menu item to anything you want.

Some Technical Aspects
# Imagevues uses Open Graph Protocol and meta redirection to achieve profiled sharing with deep-linking in the SWF gallery. Try this link to see a sharing redirection in effect.
# Imagevue uses Sharing Endpoints from AddThis to simplify sharing on multiple social media services. Imagevue also uses the AddThis sharing menu through javascript for the “more” button in the share menu.

Connect to your own Social Media Channels

Many of you have your own social media pages in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Myspace etc., and you may want to make these pages available to your visitors. You can of course add links to your accounts from text pages or in descriptions, but you can also use a special feature for the Imagevue main menu:

Social Media Channels

To add links with icons for social media pages in your main menu, simply create a new folder in your gallery and set it to use as [link]. In the title for your folder, add the service name in brackets followed by your own title. For example:

[flickr]My Flickr

You can read more about about this here:
Using Menu Icons

Adding the “Social Thing” sharing widget

Many of you want to add the additional social widgets like we have done in our demo gallery

Facebook Like button

Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it may seem, and we do not support this directly from Imagevue settings. Why? Because these widgets are in fact iframe features that display interactive web content directly from facebook, twitter and Google. We can not load this into the Imagevue SWF gallery, and neither can we control the visual style of the item. Instead, these widgets need to be embedded manually into your html template in a floating layer above the SWF. Please follow these steps:

  • 1. Go to your admin -> settings -> Custom CSS -> Flash Gallery CSS. Paste the CSS:
    /* CSS Social Thing */
    #social-thing {position: absolute; right: 120px; top: 10px; display: none;}
    .rounded {-webkit-border-radius: 3px;-moz-border-radius: 3px;border-radius: 3px;}
    .rounded-up {-webkit-border-top-left-radius: 3px;-moz-border-radius-topleft: 3px;border-top-left-radius: 3px;-webkit-border-top-right-radius: 3px;-moz-border-radius-topright: 3px;border-top-right-radius: 3px;}
    .background { background: url(halfblack.png);}
    .item {float:left;}
    .item img {border: none;}
    .item img.smallicon {margin:5px; vertical-align:bottom;}
    .item img.largeicon {position: absolute; left: 15px; top:15px;}
    .item .service {position: absolute; right: -105px; top: 26px;  height: 62px; display: none;}
    .item .service * { white-space:nowrap !important; }
    #facebook-layer.item .service {display: block; top: -100px;}
    #facebook-layer.item.setpos .service {top:26px;}
    #facebook-layer .service .container {margin: 19px 0 0 62px; }
    #twitter-layer .service .container {margin: 21px 0 0 62px; width: 360px;}
    #google-layer .service .container {margin: 20px 0 0 20px; width: 200px;}
    #imagevue-layer .service .container {margin: 21px 25px 0 62px;}
    #imagevue-layer .service .container a {color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: none; font:15px Optima,Candara,arial,sans-serif;}

    Click save

  • 2. Then go to admin -> settings -> seo.counters. Paste the code:
    <div id="social-thing" class="rounded background">
          <div id="facebook-layer" class="item rounded-up">
             <img class="smallicon" src=""/>
             <div class="service rounded background">
                <a href="" target="_blank" title="Imagevue on Facebook"><img class="largeicon" src=""/></a>
                <div class="container" id="myfacebook">
                   <div id="fb-root"></div>
          <div id="twitter-layer" class="item rounded-up">
             <img class="smallicon" src="" />
             <div class="service rounded background">
                <a href="" target="_blank" title="Imagevue on Twitter"><img class="largeicon" src=""/></a>
                <div class="container">
                   <a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="horizontal">Tweet</a>
                   <a href="" class="twitter-follow-button" data-button="grey" data-text-color="#FFFFFF" data-link-color="#00AEFF">Follow @imagevue</a>
          <div id="google-layer" class="item rounded-up">
             <img class="smallicon" src="" />
             <div class="service rounded background">
                <div class="container">
                   <g:plusone href="/demo/x2/"></g:plusone>
          <div id="imagevue-layer" class="item rounded-up">
             <img class="smallicon" src="iv-includes/images/icons/imagevue.png" />
             <div class="service rounded background">
                <a href="" target="_blank"><img class="largeicon" src="iv-includes/images/icons/imagevue_32.png"/></a>
                <div class="container">
                   <a href="" target="_blank"><small>© 2011 - </small>Imagevuex<small>.com</small></a>
       <script type="text/javascript">
       // <![CDATA[
          $(window).load(function () {
             function setButton(selector) {
                $(selector).mouseenter(function () {
                   $(selector).addClass("background setpos");
                   $(".service", selector).fadeIn(150);
                $(selector).mouseleave(function () {
                   $(".service", selector).fadeOut(200);
                var buttonCount = $('#social-thing').children().size() - $('#social-thing').children('.loaded').size();
                if (buttonCount == 0) {
             var fbLike = '<fb:like href="/demo/x2/" send="false" show_faces="false" colorscheme="dark" font=""></fb:like>';
             $.getScript('', function () {
                FB.init({appId: '220574884633155', status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true});
             $.getScript('', function () {
             if (-1 != navigator.appVersion.indexOf('MSIE 7') || -1 != navigator.userAgent.indexOf('iPad')) {
             } else {
                $.getScript('', function () {
       // ]]>

    Click save

  • 3. Download the semi-transparent black background here: halfblack.png, and upload it in your folder /iv-config/css/halfblack.png
  • Important! The code above is for Imagevue Twitter and Facebook, so you will need to edit the code appropriately to connect to your own services. There are 4 items in total in the example widget: Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 and Imagevue – You can remove any of the items to your liking by amending the code. You can get some hints here for the code for each specific widget: Google +1 button, Facebook like button, Twitter Tweet button, Twitter Follow button.

    Since the “social-thing” widget is in its own html layer, we do not have any possibility to control it from the Imagevue SWF Gallery. Therefore, you may need to adjust the element’s position based on your own theme, layout and preferences. In the CSS code above, find the following line:

    #social-thing {position: absolute; right: 120px; top: 10px; display: none;}

    Basically, you can change the numbers above to offset the position of your element from the top right corner of the screen. Additionally, if you want to change the position/alignment altogether, you could use left and bottom instead of richt/top. For example:

    left: 100px; bottom: 100px;

    # Some browsers may not be able to display this floating layer 100% correctly.
    # We do not officially support this feature because of the technical nature of the integration

    78 Responses to "Social Media Sharing in Imagevue"

    1. George Palov Posted 6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for this long awaited features. One comment:
      In facebook sharing, if several people share different pages, their posts keep accumulating and changing the picture to the last person who has shared something, e.g. it’s not like a new share with a new picture keeping the old ones…Maybe I can share a picture in the support forum, making it more clear, don’t know exactly how to explain it.
      Nonetheless, great work Karl and Nick!

      • I think I might understand what you are saying. Basically when someone shares a pictures, it comes out right, but then it also changes the previewimage for previously shared facebook links that are not even the same?

        Screenshots would be very welcome.

    2. You got that right Karl :) Thanks!

    3. How can I change the image (the little arrow) of the share button?

    4. Great feature,
      2 questions though.
      How can i change the order of the menu items. In the netherlands Hyves is a big social media site and i would like to put hyves in the top 3 menu items instead of pressing to more and then click hyves.

      second, would it be possible to paste i thumb/picture instead of the link ?

      • Right now, you cannot add any other sharing services to the main sharing menu in Imagevue, other than the default ones listed in settings. You have to click the “more” button to access further services. We are however working on a solution where you will be able to add your own services, and have them display in the Imagevue share menu. Expect this in March!

    5. I’m playing with the sharing feature, but I kept reaching a poit (in Facebook for example) where no thumbnail of the image is displayed, I just get a (no Title) and the link looks like this: –>… <– there's a repeating "http::/" one in unicode the other in hex and I can't find were in settings this is happening…

      Same with Buzz…

      In the case of Twitter the post includes image description, which can be quite larger than 140 chars. Can it be for example Text3 in settings?

      Over images or albums the "more" button doesn't display anything!

      What could I possibly do wrong?

      • Ok… gotta post an update: the problem seems to be my browsers “locally” I cant share anything on Facebook without getting the wrong URL link. Though for twitter the “selected” “text1” remains.

        • Last update: it seems that the problem lies in Facebook Sharer, it’s getting confused some how for certain type of content.

      • Thanks for commenting on your experiences. Just to comment about the “Text1” question – Imagevue simply sends the title+description to the sharing services. It does not matter what items you have displaying in text1, text2 or text3 … Imagevue always sends the file title+description.

        • Hey good to know that, most of my images have a tiny (but larger than 140 chars) story. Guess I can make them shorter and link them to my tumblr or something.

          Anyway, I’m at my office -different computers- now and -yes I’m stealing time from my company a bit!- well I still can post to FB or Buzz, the URLs keep coming wrong.

          Could you please give a shot at and try to share something and see what happens? I’ve tried IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and so far the same result. Thanks.

          I’ve searched the forum but there’s only one reference and it’s FB fault it seems (the gallery doesn’t have buzz so I wasn’t able to test that site)

          • Hey. Guess what… between Facebok glitch and AddThis bugs and workarounds I still had difficulties to roll the Share button out.
            Then I started to noting some weird things: despite my personalized template and css file the share menu was showing different colors, I would not be able to start the gallery in HTML mode, I wasn’t able to “preview” other themes and my iPhone would not show the gallery either.
            I had created an index.html from “index_example.html”, adding just a few “meta” tags, then I decide to get rid of the html and use the plain index.php. VOILA! All is working, there’s still a glitch in sharing, but the workaround of AddThis works fine, I can see the html in my iphone, the share menu inherited my theme colors… and the preview themes feature works just FINE! Problem solved!!

    6. Little question about the “like” button even though you said you don’t officially support it.

      When somebody “likes” my page, it then shows up on their facebook profile page as a link, paired with a thumbnail selected from my galleries… Do you know how to specify which thumbnail I want the link to be paired with?

      Would be appreciated!


      • Imagevue shows the first thumbnail it finds in your gallery (usually the first thumbnail in the first folder). There is no selector for this, but you can change this item manually by opening the file iv-includes/templates/ Line 96:

        <img src="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($this->firstImage->thumbnail); ?>" alt="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($this->firstImage->title) ?>" style="float: left;" />

        Change this manually to something like:

        <img src="content/path/tn_image.jpg" alt="title here" style="float: left;" />

        • Hi mjau-mjau!

          How could I change it with the latest release? I couldn´t find this item in Line 96!

          I would like to show a screenshot of my website, If I post a link of my website on my facebookpage…

          • Try line 157 now …

            • :(

              Line 157 looks like:

              flashVars. = ”;

            • “flashVars. = ”;”

            • what file are you editing? There is no such line … and what version are you using? In any case, it should not be that hard for you to try to find the same line … or find the one with og:img in it …

              What exactly are you trying to do anyway?

            • Hi, i would like to open this discussion again. I would like to set permanent thumbail for all social media sharing, but cant find a solution. I find your suggested code a changed it, but it does not work in latest version of IV. Maybe we can open new forum thread for that.
              Thank You.

    7. This is exactly what I need…The current floating scheme I have is limited.

    8. Robert Hansen Posted 6 years ago

      Is it possible to add the FACEBOOK COMMENT plugin under the like button ?

      • Yes, it is technically possible … you can basically add anything. However, it is not very feasible, because just like the Facebook “like” button, this is just an unrelated html layer floating over Imagevue which is not integrated with the layout. If you add some larger content, like the comment plugin, it will be a big “lump” overlaying the Imagevue gallery interface and pictures. Unfortunately, there is no direct integration as in loading the facebook comment plugin into the Imagevue tiself (since Imagevue is flash/SWF)

    9. How about the possibility to add more of these Facebook Social Plugins, to textpages?

      I tried adding the code generated by Facebook as is.
      I also tried wrapping it in the Like-button-div-example described on this page. I thought either would work, but no.


      • The same answer as above applies to this question. Flash textfields don’t support anything else than formatted text so you simply can’t add plugins or any other advanced Html features unfortunately.

    10. The new Like Button plugin code is not working. Please help!!!:

      (function(d, s, id) {
      var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
      if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
      js = d.createElement(s); = id;
      js.src = “//”;
      fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
      }(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

    11. Xavier A Villalba Torres Posted 5 years ago

      Hi! I tried to include the code for adding the “Social Thing” sharing widget. In step 2 I can’t save the changes and the system displays the following:

      You don’t have permission to access /iv-admin/index.php on this server.
      Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

      Why this could be happening??

      Thaks for your help and support!

      • It is probably related to some server extension, got to take a look at your server. I have sent you an email.

    12. Hello!
      I added “Social Thing” (shared widget) and created application on Facebook.
      I added my Application ID (replaced ID imagevuex) …
      But when I press button “Like” an error ocures:
      “The page failed to provide a valid list of administrators. It needs to specify the administrators using either a “fb:app_id” meta tag, or using a “fb:admins” meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.”

      How can I fix this?

      My gallery:

      • I have never heard of anyone do it like that. You need to add the entire code for your PAGE, and you can create the code here:

        You can’t just use that widget for any “APP” … Any more than this, we do not support this module because it is an external javascript from Facebook. We just provide the means to embed this into a layer above Imagevue.

    13. Is it possible to use this method to add a logo to the upper right hand corner instead of using the background method? My images are set to stretch and cover the whole background so it’d be awesome to use this to place a logo in the upper right hand corner instead.

      • Certainly … In fact, it would be easier. The only aspect you need to keep in mind, is that since this is a separate html layer unrelated to the Imagevue SWF, imagevue cannot take this layer into consideration in regards to the layout. You would need to figure out where to place the element so that it does not interfere with interface elements.

        Simply create a CSS class similar to this:
        #mylogo {position: absolute; right: 120px; top: 10px;}

        Then add to settings -> SEO.counters:
        <div class="mylogo">Your image, link and/or anything else here</div>

    14. I receive this error while trying to use the Like button for Facebook:

      “The page failed to provide a valid list of administrators. It needs to specify the administrators using either a “fb:app_id” meta tag, or using a “fb:admins” meta tag to specify a comma-delimited list of Facebook users.”

      Any ideas?


      • If you have a link to your gallery, I could check it. However, where do you get these errors? Did you add the correct app_id in the code for the “social thing”? Are you linking to a plain facebook page or what are you linking to?


      I receive this error when trying to “Like” the page…

      I’ve added the correct app_id in the code…

      I’m linking to

      10x…If u’d like, i could send you the code I’m using… :-)

    16. There is some error there that I am not sure what is, but it still works entirely fine. See snapshot:

      • Believe me when I say it’s not working :-) … it has no effect… (no “Like” effect) and also U can see the error in your snapshot too. If U’ll try to “POST IT”, it will do nothing.

        All that it does is to open the dialog/comments box and that’s it!

        • I have obviously tested it, and after I click like, I “like” your page. Check who likes your page and you will see me. Trust me, it DOES work:

          • I’ve seen U here… :-) Thank U very much for your help – very prompt answers! … and let me tell U that I really appreciate that U and your team respond to our issues even if some of the subjects/matters are not part of what Imagevuex officially supports! ;-)

            PS: I’ve replaced…

            “<fb:like href=""&quot;


            "<fb:like href=""&quot;


            "http" w/ "https".

            This way the "error" message that U also saw, apparently, disappeared and now everything seems to work just fine!

            Thank U again for your patience! BR!

            PS2: Please edit my comments above if there's no added value in them.

            • Thanks a lot for the feedback and tips. I will look into this in next update batch.

              wow, something with the comments field here, its shrinking impossibly narrow!

    17. Nirantha Wasalathanthri Posted 5 years ago


      • Unfortunately, it does not work in full screen mode, because the SHARING features need to contact an external html window when sharing, and therefore it must jump out of flash fullscreen mode.

        • Nirantha Wasalathanthri Posted 5 years ago

          thx, wt u say was it work like Email form, but the sharing feature is not displaying in full screen mode, not evening the sharing feature icons (fb/twiter,ext)when we go to full screen by using gallery right click full screen mode or by using full screen click(first click to full screen).but it works in full screen, when it switch manually to full screen by using browser full screen or F11.
          please help.i need this feature in full screen,

          • sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean. When you roll over the “share” button in Imagevue, it displays the sharing icons even in full screen mode. If you click one of them however, it exits full screen mode … If this is not the case for you, then please send a link to your gallery.

            If you mean the “social thing” facebook and twitter widgets, then sorry this does not work in full screen mode either. Why? Because when flash is in full screen mode, it is basically the flash(SWF) player that hi-jacks the screen, and all html is ignored … This includes the html-based twitter and facebook widgets. They simply will not work in flash full screen mode, sorry.

    18. hello. can you please create me a simple code that simply display a image on top of the site with possibility of position absolute adding ! because i tried to add a code but it conflicts with the code that i already added on admin -> settings -> Custom CSS -> Flash Gallery CSS and admin -> settings -> seo.counters. (“social thing sharing widget”) – code

      Sou give me please the codes what i should add in
      admin -> settings -> Custom CSS -> Flash Gallery CSS
      admin -> settings -> seo.counters

      • Try something like this before or after your other code in settings -> SEO -> Counters

        div style=”position: absolute; right: 100px; top: 100px;”

        • “Try something like this before or after your other code in settings -> SEO -> Counters” — like what? ( have not written any code)

          • Sorry, the comments here are removing html tags. Please send a request by e-mail or in the forums, and I will reply.

    19. Can you please send me the code to email ” iacob_01 @ ” ?
      Thx !

    20. OMG its working !!! i am in confusion … :)) i try codes like that 100 time <div , scr= , img= , and many others types and its wont work , now works :))) !
      ThX thx Thx Thank you so much ! ;)

    21. ooo no …. still not working … sory .. the problem is in that , that wher i positionate the image with code that you give , its positionate automats and the social sharing icons …:( i dont know why ..:( sow stll conflicts…:( take a lock here , this it is code what i use ….

      • I am not sure what you mean “its positionate automats” … Do you have an actual link to your gallery? The code seems ok to me …

    22. i find a man, hi work – programmer with php html and ohers and hi resolvs my probleam :) . anyway thank you very much for yours efforts to help me ;) and thank you for your time ;)
      good luck!

    23. Karen Grigoryan Posted 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for your article!

      Can anyone help me with one question?
      I need to add vkontakte like to my gallery. Is it possible?

    24. Why the social media sharing cover and blocked the audio player?

      • Not sure about your gallery, but in our demo gallery its not blocked at all:

        … and if you hover mouse over audio player, it temporarily hides the social thing. Besides, in the code provided on this page, the need to amend the code based on your buttons. See the line:

        #social-thing {position: absolute; right: 120px; top: 10px; display: none;}

        Change the value of “right” from 120 to something else to change the alignment.

    25. the link is my setting


      i don’t know what ‘s wrong with that
      thanks for your reply

      • The social thing will obviously overlay the audio player when in active state like that, because it is in a html layer overlaying the SWF. What did you expect? The social thing to be UNDER the audio player when you activate it on hover? The audioplayer should however auto-hide the social-thing when expanded, and if it does not, it may be because you have renamed an ID or you are using a custom document. If I am to diagnose, I need a link …

    26. The same problem …. Like blues…
      if i hover mouse over audio player, it dosent hides the social thing. Yes, on yours demo site if hover mouse over audio player, it temporarily hides the social thing. but on my site hi dosent…
      very strange … i use the same code from the above article , I have not changed anything in the code … any ideas that could be the problem?
      Please help! ,…. i need to really fix this problem ….: (

    27. Hi Again !
      I have another problem now, is it about compatible of browsers i think …. , if i using Google chrome everything seems to be ok, but when access the gallery by Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer it looks like this:
      might somehow resolve this bug?

    28. hmm thery strange, realy , in your oficial gallery it is work well in Internet Explorer and Mozilla …. very strange … because i am using the same code as you …. I will look for solutions, but in case you have more ideas how to resolve this problem , necessarily write :) Unfortunately i can not give the link because the galery it’s still locate on localhost …:(
      But I can give you the codes that i use, maybe heare it’s something wrong …

      And I have another request :)
      How can change the height of the container just for 1 icon (not for all icons) – ( i found how to change the width in in custom css but the height i can change …)
      i try to add the height function to this layer but hi dosent work .
      #youtube-layer .service .container {margin: 20px 0 0 20px; width: 335px; height:140px;}
      here’s what I mean :

      Thanks !

      • Sorry, not sure what code I am supposed to be looking at … You say you are using the same code anyway? My guess is that you running it on localhost is somehow related to the problem. If I can check it online, I can perhaps figure out any issues …

        What do you mean the height of the container? If anything, this is done in the widget code you get from Youtube …

    29. If you look closely at the picture I posted above, you see that red area indicates the height of container background ( halfblack.png ) background (behind the window of youtube – looked closely)

      • I can see that … However, let me explain how it works. “halfblack.png” is a background image set to repeat. It is not set at any specific height. It will simply wrap around the initial line that the widgets have prior to the native widget JS initiating.

        Now, whatever widgets you wanna put there, they will often load iframes and tons of interactivity. They are set to display at position:absolute, meaning they will just ignore everything else in the layout (including that background) and just overlap over or under the button. Unfortunately, this means you cant wrap that background around the iframe that pops up … If anything, you can remove the background so at least it does not seem incorrect.

    30. Hello. I have two test galleries up. One is at and the other is at

      My concern is Facebook. With the Hubbard one, I clicked the Facebook button to share the link on my FB page. It worked but what appeared next to the thumbnail was “Imagevue Gallery” then under that was displayed. And under that was “Another Gallery from

      Ever since then, if I just type that url directly in a Facebook comment box (not using the Share button from the gallery page), Facebook still displays the Imagevue information. I can delete that information and it won’t show up in my post. But, if someone shares that post, the Imagevue information shows up again wherever that post was shared.

      Note: I did NOT use the Share button on the Test2 gallery and the above situation does not happen in Facebook. Just the url displays in the post.

      I searched the documentation and forums here and followed what I found … I edited line 173 of the file and changed the information in Settings > SEO. Those were all I could find and neither had any effect.

      Before I buy Imagevue, I’d like to know this can be fixed. I want my information displayed, not Imagevue’s. How can I fix this?


      • I believe I answered this by e-mail also, but …

        Facebook uses your siteTitle and description for the text when sharing the page. However, it also caches data from old results, so even if you changed the siteTitle and description, it was caching text that it retrieved from the same link earlier. To force Facebook to re-check the website, use their debugger:

        Now, you can see when sharing that page, the resulting data is correctly what you have added to the Imagevue config:

        This is from Imagevue settings and an issue related to Facebook cache. I am not sure why you have edited line 173 of the

    31. Yes, you did answer by email. I worked, thank you very much.

      I don’t remember where I was or what the subject was when I read to edit that file. It was a response to a forum question or a response to a comment made in a documentation section.

    32. Hello.
      I used this
      post to rename the imagevue.php (for facebook sharing link) to another , let say to test.php , I duplicated the imagevue.php and named the file test.php , i also go to iv-includes/templates/default/index.share.phtml and edit the code to this :

      <meta property="og:url" content="item->getPrimary()); ?>” />

      but when i share on facebook it stell showing in content of link imagevue.php not test.php ….
      I do something wrong ? ,

      2. as you see in the picture, when I posted on Facebook shows only link , without thumbnail ….
      that would be the problem ?

      • Please please can you post things like this in the forum? Facebook caches page-content so it wont change immediately, and besides, we can’t possibly diagnose this without a link to your website.


    33. Just a quick observation about this whole Social Media thing. I find it quite odd, and it could very well be my age, but, don’t you think that it’s rather silly sitting in front of a computer being sociable on social media. I think that that’s an oxymoron.

    34. can i add custom icons to this

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