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Imagevue Server Requirements


In addition to PHP, your server should have a few extensions enabled to run Imagevue X2 correctly. Some are critical, while others are optional. If you are using a professional host that supports PHP, the chance is 99% that all the extensions mentioned are enabled already. Download and run the imagevue-check to see if your website is compatible:


PHP 5.1.3+

*Strictly Required*

Formostly, Imagevue X2 requires a server that runs PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language standard on most servers these days, but if you are unsure if you have it or that your version is 5.1.3 at least, you still need to check. Imagevue X2 requires php version 5.1.3 or higher.

PHP 5.1.3 Requirement in Imagevue X2.5

GD 2

GD is a PHP extension required by Imagevue to resize images into thumbnails. This extension is mostly standard on all servers running PHP these days. If your server does not have this extension enabled, you can still run Imagevue X2, but you will need to create thumbnails manually.


Multibyte string is a PHP extension required by Imagevue X2 to display international characters. This exension is usually enabled on professional PHP servers. If your server does not have this extension enabled, there will be problems displaying and formatting international characters and languages.

XML Parser

XML Parser is a PHP extension required by Imagevue X2 to execute many of the Imagevue scripts. Imagevue communicates with XML, so this extension is critical for running the Imagevue X2 gallery. This extension is common on most professional PHP servers.


EXIF is a PHP extension required by Imagevue X2 to display EXIF data from photos. EXIF data is generally information about a photo stored directly in the file, most often created by the camera. It can be camera info, data as well as keywords and description. The EXIF PHP extension is usually enabled on most professional PHP server. If your server does not have this extension enabled, EXIF data from photos will not display.

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  1. How much server space is required for the program (exclusive of images added to it)?

  2. Hi

    Could you please advice me what’s the best and usable web hosting panel or application can use with Imagevue gallery On


  3. We want to implement imagevuex on JAVA using jsp or using strictly html5 and javascript.

    is it possible?

    or only php as noted.

  4. Hi there,
    Any chance you have a .Net version of this one?
    If not will it be easy to convert it to C#?

    • Unfortunately no .net version … Easy to convert to C#? I couldn’t say its a small job … you would need to convert all the code. Why not just use the PHP?

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