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Menu Graphic Icons

How to use graphic icons in the Imagevue main menu

Using graphic icons in the main menu

Since Imagevue X2.7, we added the option of including graphic icons in your Imagevue main menu to emphasize certain features of a menu item. You may for example want to use a Facebook- icon when linking to your Facebook page, or maybe you wish to use a custom icon to emphasize a portfolio folder in your gallery? There are two methods of adding icons to your main menu by using a [shortcode] in the Title

Social Media Icons from AddThis

The first option, is to select an icon from the wide variety of social media icons available from the AddThis sharing service.

  • 1. Go to the AddThis Services List page, and locate the Code for the service from which you want to display the icon. Optionally, you can go here to view all the available icons – Simply hover mouse over any of the icons to find the Code.
  • 2. Go to your Imagevue Admin and navigate to the folder where you want to add the icon
  • 3. Edit your folder title to include the [Code] in brackets:
    [servicecode]Title Here

    For example:

    [twitter]Follow on Twitter

    Although the icons represent various social media services, you can utilize the icons for any type of folder as you like: gallery, textpage, filemod or link.

Custom Icons

You can also use your own custom icons loaded from the following Imagevue folder:


You can either use any of the existing icons in this folder, or you can upload your own icon(s) in gif or png format. To display an icon from this folder in your main menu:

  • 1. Simply find the filename of the icon you wish to use from the iv-includes/images/icons/ folder
  • 2. Go to your Imagevue Admin and navigate to the folder where you want to add the icon
  • 3. Edit your folder title to include the icon [filename] in brackets:
    [filename]Your Title

    For example:

    [imagevue.png]Imagevue Website

    * Keep in mind you only need to add the name of the file, and not the entire path.

Included Icons:


  • We recommend using 16px icons in the main menu, although you can also use 32px size depending on your menu style. Anything larger than this, and your menu may break.
  • Icons that have “_32” in the end of their filename, are 32px in size (width and height)
  • For those of you who were already using menu icons in Imagevue X2.6, you may need to upgrade your titles. Instead of using the folder name (for example “facebook”) to load a folder icon, instead you must use the [shortcode] implementation in titles explained above. The benefit is that you can use any folder icons without having to depend on the folder name.
  • If you set your folder name to “share”, the menu item will function as a global share link for your gallery. Read more here
  • The menu graphic icons also display in the HTML version of Imagevue

14 Responses to "Using graphic icons in the main menu"

  1. Thanks for this. Pretty hard with my incompetence to get good looking, but with time… ;)

  2. This site is awesome, i followed you guys on Twitter, these tips will help me a lot in my site, Thanks.

  3. Thorsten Egenolf Posted 5 years ago

    Hi people from Imagevue,

    1st Qustion:

    the possibility is given to create a LIKE-Button/Box that “Like the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page”….right now I can create a FB Link/Button in Imagevue that leads to my facebookpage but after that an additonal click is necessary to make the visitor like it /become a fan.

    Is there a one click solution possible?

    2nd Question:

    As you can see at I have at the top of page the like button as introduced by Imagevue earlier – and about 140fans…as I do understand it now – these people liked my page and a single status in their profiles appeared “XYZ likes” – of course now Id like to make/turn these people into fans of my just made photography facebookpage…is it possible to – lets say integrate the link/code of the new fb page into the old like box at top of my side?

    3rd question:

    It was told to me that for question number 2 is no solution – but that it is possible to make a one way communication with this people (eg to invite them to become a fan) if I can integrate the opengraph code from facebook to is this possible and how?

    Im sure sooner or later more people come up with this (if not already) and a solution would be great!

    THANKS in advance!

  4. Hi! I tried it, but all time i became this message:

    Use only latin letters, numbers and _ symbol in folder name

    WHat the problem with that?


  5. In safari, the icons are wrong. In the other browsers is perfect. What is the problem?

  6. What do you mean they are “wrong”? I checked in our demo, in Safari:

  7. No, only on my website. I can not find the problem. Look what happens to me:

    In Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. .. look good. But on Safari look different and the text.

  8. Sorry, I’ve found the problem, the cache of safari was the problem. I have deleted and problem solved.


  9. When i create a sub-menu , it’s always show a yellow arrow icon which sit before each sub-menu as default !
    How can i remove this icon !

    • You mean the small “>” icon? This is what we call “menu node”, and you can disable it by going to admin -> settings -> menu.mainmenu.items, and un-checking the “node” item.

  10. Thank mjau-mjau ! good idea

  11. Hi,

    I want to set just a flag icon to select the language in my gallery menu.
    My problem is that the nam of the link folder is “Language”. I can not yhaving the folder without any name.

    So, in my menu i have the flag icon and Language just aside. how can i do to just have my flag icon?

    Thankx a lot

    • Why not set title to the actual language “[flag] français” etc? Clicking the flag obviously takes the visitor to a specific language, so why leave it out?

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