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Themes Page

Control the visual style of your Gallery with themes

Themes Page

The Themes page allows you to create, edit and preview gallery themes. Imagevue X2 comes with a handful of pre-created themes that you can use, or you can create your own theme from an existing one!

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What is a Theme?
A theme is a group of settings that strictly control the visual style of your gallery. Primarily, this consists of colors, background image, text styles and a few more settings

Themes Overview

The first thing you see when you enter the themes page, is a list of all your themes. Each theme has a few actions available ›

  • use – Use this theme for your gallery
  • edit – Edit this theme
  • create new – Creates a new theme based on this theme
  • Preview – Preview this theme
  • delete – Delete this theme

Theme Edit

After clicking to edit a theme, you will arrive at the theme edit settings page. Here you will see a similar interface as from the main settings page, except fewer options, and all settings are related to the visual style of your gallery through the theme. You can edit any of the options, and click SAVE to make the changes. The most important section is STYLE, as this contains options for your main colors and background image.

  • Style – Sets the main styles for the theme
  • Controls – Style settings for controls/navigation
  • Audioplayer – Styles for the audioplayer
  • Image – Styles for the main image display and for items that display with the image
  • Thumbnails – Styles for the thumbnails and for items that display with the thumbnails
  • Textpage – Styles for the textpage module
  • Menu – Styles for the main menu
  • Modules – Styles for modules

Theme Edit Panels

On the right-side of the screen on the theme edit page, you will find a few control panels ›

  • Edit theme config – Goes to the main edit theme config page
  • Edit theme stylesheet – Click to edit the current theme CSS Stylesheet
  • View theme – Click to preview the current theme
  • Create new theme, based on * theme – Creates a new theme from selected theme
  • Edit another theme * – Select another theme to edit from the dropdown list
  • Background Upload – Upload a background image/swf for use with this theme

Edit Theme CSS Stylesheet

After clicking to edit the theme CSS stylesheet, you will find a large input field for editing the themes CSS Stylesheet. You can find more information on the Imagevue css stylesheets here ›

Imagevue X2 CSS stylesheet reference list

What is a CSS Stylesheet?
A CSS Stylesheet allows you to change text styles for all text items in a webpage. As you see in the flash gallery, all text items in menus, titles, descriptions and tooltips have styles, and these are set through the theme CSS Stylesheet. Using a CSS stylesheet allowd greater flexibility to all text formatting items set from a single file.

CSS in Imagevue
Some of you have been using CSS earlier in HTML webpages, and may have been using CSS for much more than just styling text. In Flash however, CSS only applies to formatting of text, and can not be used to style other aspects of the page, like layout. This is handled by the Imagevue main theme settings page.

10 Responses to "Themes Page"

  1. Cebotari Ruslan Posted 5 years ago

    Hi, can I control the position of tooltip when the mouse rolls-over the thumbtail, say to slide down not up? Thank you

    • Unfortunately, this simply is not possible. Tooltips always display above the thumbnail. Sorry for any inconvenience …

  2. Hi

    Where can we find more themes already created for sale or for free?

    Would be nice to see something new, as these themes have been around for a long time and I feel like something fresh. It would also be another way to support Imagevue – further developement, further addons and themes!

    Can you recommend any places I can find them?


    • Sorry, we provide the current themes as default, and they look quite different from each other in terms of colors. You can easily use one theme as a fundament to create your own theme – Just click “make copy”, and then modify it. In the end of the day, it is a bit restricted how different we make the themes because there aren’t really that many font variations that actually look and work well, and the layout is already optimized, so we dont differ this too much between themes either.

      Hope to add a few more themes with Imagevue X2.8 coming soon …

  3. i have tried for 10 hours changing elements in th css and not one thing i have done changes anything…more info is required here ..there is something on this software making it more difficult than it should be…im very dissapointed at the lack of help files

    • All I can say, is that you are clearly not changing the CSS correctly.May I ask exactly HOW you are editing the CSS? It seems you are editing the file through FTP? As explained in the CSS reference (where you have also commented), you need to duplicate a theme first(from admin), then edit the stylesheet of your new theme, from the admin.

      So you have edited the file manually it seems, this is not recommended, but here is the file you are editing:
      What exactly in this CSS file is not showing in your gallery? You have for instance changed the body class, and as you can see, this results in very large menu items (unless you forgot to empty your page cache):

      body {
      font-size: 20px;
      font-family: Candara, “Lucida Grande”, “Trebuchet MS”, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
      color: #AAAA00;

      So the conclusion is: Your changes are definitely working … If you do not see them, then it is because you are not emptying your browser cache after changing the CSS. Furthermore, you must be editing the CSS files from FTP instead of following the instructions in the CSS guide.

  4. Hi, where can i shrink the size of the menu buttons?

  5. Hello,
    How can I use random bg images on a custom template?
    thank you

    just a suggestion: would be nice to have more control of animations(type of ease, duration) tool-tips, menu…

    • Sorry, you can’t add random background images to Imagevue X2.

      You have control of transitions between images, both type and style. We won’t be adding more settings to next version of Imagevue, it will likely be much less.

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