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Upgrade Imagevue

How to upgrade your Imagevue installation

How to Upgrade Imagevue

Upgrading your Imagevue installation with updates is normally quite easy. However, sometimes we need to re-arrange the internal structure of Imagevue to open up for improvements and new features. When you upgrade your Imagevue installation, you want to keep all your images and content of course, as well as any specific settings you have. Below is a guide for a few upgrade scenarios:

General Upgrade

  • Download the latest Imagevue ZIP file
  • Unpack the zip on your computer
  • Connect to your web server by FTP
  • Upload all files from the latest version, overwriting existing files and folders on your server. A few exceptions:
  • Do not upload or overwrite the content folder.
  • Do not upload or overwrite the iv-config folder.

By uploading and overwriting all files, you are effectively upgrading your gallery. By keeping your content folder, you are maintaining all your gallery content. By keeping your iv-config folder, you are maintaing your custom settings, themes and languages

Version Specific:

Upgrading to Imagevue X2.5+ from earlier versions

Imagevue X2.5 files

Important! Imagevue X2.5+ requires PHP 5.1.3 – Read more

With Imagevue X2.5, we made a few changes to the folders in Imagevue. Mainly, the changes were made to support renaming of the main imagevue/ folder which was used to access the admin. Now, this folder has been split into two folders: iv-admin/ and iv-includes/. iv-admin/ is used to access the admin (and can be renamed), while iv-includes/ stores all the Imagevue scripts and modules (and can NOT be renamed).

  • Log in to your FTP, and download/backup the folder imagevue/config/
  • Download/backup any custom theme(s) you have created in imagevue/themes/*
  • Delete the entire imagevue/ folder
  • Upload all files and folders from Imagevue X2.5+, except the content/ folder
  • Upload the content of your “config” folder into iv-config/
  • Upload the your custom theme(s) in iv-includes/themes/ (it is recommend to not overwrite Imagevue-native themes. Instead you should create copies of your themes with different names)

Clear your browser cache, and check your gallery! Remember that you now have to access your admin from your {gallerypath}/iv-admin/ – However, now you can simply rename this folder to anything you like!

Clean upgrade
If you do not need to keep any specific settings, or if you wish to redo them, the upgrade is easier. Simply delete the imagevue/ folder, and then upload all files and folders from Imagevue X2.5 except the content/ folder. Clear your browser-cache, and check your gallery!

General Upgrading

If you are upgrading from an existing Imagevue X2.5 installation (for example from beta release to final release), the steps are pretty basic:

  • Simply upload all files and folders from your downloaded Imagevue archive, except the content/ folder. By doing this, you will be overwriting your gallery with new files, yet retaining your content/ folder with your images, files and settings.

How are my settings and custom themes stored?

When upgrading, you do not need to worry about your custom settings and themes. All changes you make, are uniquely stored in separate files in the iv-config/ folder, and will not get overwritten when you upgrade.

If you are editing any files directly without using the Imagevue admin, there is chance that these changes will be overwritten when you upgrade. Therefore, we don’t normally recommend editing files from outside the admin.

40 Responses to "How to Upgrade Imagevue"

  1. J Groot Wesseldijk Posted 6 years ago

    When i follow the instructions about a General Upgrade from 2.5x (Simply upload all files and folders from your downloaded Imagevue archive, except the content/ folder.) then i have overwriten the iv-includes folder, is it not?

    So you’re next remark: “When upgrading, you do not need to worry about your custom settings and themes. All changes you make, are uniquely stored in separate files in the iv-includes/config/ folder, and will not get overwritten when you upgrade.” isn’t right?

    This way i just did lose my settings… :-(

    • Well, I don’t know how you are upgrading but you are somehow DELETING folder content when upgrading. When uploading a folder, either on FTP or locally, it overwrites all files YES, and this is correct. However, it does NOT overwrite files that don’t exist in the Imagevue installation. For example, your config is stored like this:


      If you check in the Imagevue files, this file does NOT exist so it can’t be overwritten. This is what we mean by config- and theme files being stored in UNIQUE files that don’t get overwritten in normal procedures. What FTP application are you using? It is deleting your folders instead of merging them which is normal when uploading or copying a folder.

  2. I used a really clunky cpanel interface to upgrade – which meant I uploaded every folder and file individually. I believe I did not miss anything. And I definitely made a copy of my config and themes folder, although I made the mistake of putting the content into one folder called “copy” so do not know what files are supposed to end up in “config” and what in “themes.” But dialogs popped up for files saying there was a problem, so I moved them until the dialogs stopped. But then in the end my site won’t work. All I get is this
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getConfig() on a non-object in /home/pauline/public_html/iv-includes/controllers/IndexController.php on line 35.

    What can I do?

  3. I have a question….maybe the folder name are now different but what is the folder in “Delete the entire imagevue/ folder”?
    Is this folder my Portfolio folder? So I have to delate all except the content folder?
    – imagevue/config/ = iv-config
    – imagevue/themes/ = iv-includes/themes

    Sorry but it’s my first upgrade
    Thanks in advance

    • Yes, some locations change for the greater benefit, as you have correctly noticed. It is NOT your portfolio folder though – It is basically the Imagevue script files, that need to be upgraded!

      Basically the “imagevue” folder is replaced, and strictly speaking, you do not need to delete it, but it will not be used any more after upgrade of course …

  4. I just want to request an important an crucial feature for upcoming(future) imagevuex releases.
    Currently I’m running imagevuex, you should seriously consider an automatic upgrade thru the web interface to latest imagevuex release, without having to risk your current projects. As a system engineer I’m obviously perfectly capable to do it, but what about the regular iliterate customers. what about the slightest possibility to screwed your current project just because a flaw(or mistake) on the updating process. We need automated tools for the back-end process.

    • Agree, it would be cool … Just a lot of “unknown” factors as to what needs to be upgraded, and depending on any customizations and what version they are running … We definitely have it noted.

    • YES, i agree with you. each time i upgrade, i have to do a lot of work.

  5. Gennaro Frontera Posted 5 years ago

    after upgrade from 2.5b to 2.7.6 I got the following error

    Migrating /iv-includes/config to /iv-config:
    Cannot copy iv-includes/config/configUser.xml to iv-config/config.xml. Are permissions ok?

    The Permission are set to 777
    Fortunately I have a backup
    something is going wrong but what?

    I need help


    • This shouldn’t be a problem, just move all the files manually from /iv-includes/config to /iv-config. Then delete the old folder. Keep in mind you will have to rename configUser.xml to config.xml. Are you sure you have 777 permissions on iv-config folder?

      Sorry for the inconvenience, you will have to do it only once.

      • Gennaro Frontera Posted 5 years ago

        Hi Nick
        I tried again and again an at last I called my provider. It was even though a permission problem.
        I did the upgrade and all runs fine.


        If you want

      • I’m having the same problem, though i deleted the folder config still giving me an error “Cannot remove iv-includes/config/ folder. Please delete the file manually.”

        • I am sure there is the folder there still, otherwise it would not display that. You got to delete iv-includes/config/ folder, not iv-config.

        • I am having this same issue. I looked in the folder iv-includes/config/ and the folder is not there. Have you figured out a solution?

        • You can empty the content of the iv-includes/migration.php leaving file in place, this will remove the whole migration process.
          We will release an update as soon as we will be able to find out what is going on.

          • Nick, it’s getting really disturbing with these updates,
            The folder was deleted from the beginning, still having the same issue, and now all of a sudden i’m getting a new error:
            (Warning: include_once(iv-includes/ [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/home/maywebsite/domains/ on line 8)

          • I am really sorry you feel that way, but the imagevue.php file is missing, you got to upload the at least index.php and imagevue.php files in the root folder from the .zip file. Often these files are being disregarded.

        • Here is the updated iv-includes/migration.php file that will pinpoint the stubborn folder. The problem is with the custom theme folders it seems. We have relocated themes to the iv-config so you don’t need to worry updating your gallery in the future.

          Here is the updated file:

  6. I think the steps are simple. I don’t know PHP and HTML and CSS and still it’s working for me.
    1. FTP Client [Filezila for example] > log in the account
    2. Copy the entire website into your computer [I unually make myself a back up folder that contains different stages of my website]
    3. Copy All the files from the “kit” folder of Imagevue into the server
    4. Copy the “content” Folder [overwrite] on the server
    5. Copy “iv-config” Folder [overwrite] on the server
    6. Copy theme from iv-includes/themes/ YOUR THEME
    And that should be all

  7. Bas van der Wal Posted 4 years ago


    I just installed this update.
    Everything went well and on mobile it is nice for the eyes.

    I have only one problem. In the FLASH version he doesn’t show the big pictures anymore.
    I have no problems with the HTML and mobile versions.

    Notice, i use my own theme.

    the website:

    Kindest Regards

  8. This guide needs to be updated to the current version, or at least have one that is current.
    Also the upgrade procedure still needs work.

    Moving and deleting files around is not really the way to go.
    An automated process of either…
    1. Click a button in the admin page to check for and upgrade to the latest version.
    2. Uploading the latest ZIP file to an UPGRADE folder and clicking a button to perform the upgrade.

    I suppose if you implement #2, then #1 should be easy to add on.

    • We agree the upgrade upgrade process is not optimal, but generally speaking as of current status, you simply upload ALL files/folders except “content” and “iv-config” … thats it, and no need to delete anything.

      #1 would be cool, but its easier for somebody like wordpress who have 1000 of contributors. Not that easy for us, especially considering there are 100s of issues related to specific servers windows, permissions etc. #2 Yes, this would be more feasible, although not all servers are powered to unpack zip files of course, at least not above a certain file size.

      We will certainly look into it …

  9. Hi,
    Trying to upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8…

    Using the same procedure as the last upgrade (and described above) upload and overwrite, except content and iv-config. I know the files have uploaded because the last modified date has changed.

    Gallery runs normally, but no mobile version, no mobile in Settings and it still says X2.7.6.4 at the bottom of the admin page?

    I can’t see what I’ve missed !



    • All I can see, is that the files have NOT been upgraded, and even the readme file shows this:

      I am not sure what went wrong, but either you have uploaded the files into wrong location, or your FTP upload simply did not upload any files somehow. It if often easy to upload in incorrect location, and you may have another copy somewhere else for example in your FTP root. Remember you need to access the public http or public www folder on your ftp.

      • Thanks for that, perhaps I should have disclosed I was using a new FTP client….Oops !

        I now have X 2.8.1 in the settings footer and a mobile tab. But when I go to the site via my smart phone, it doesn’t run.
        (It’s an Android HTC Desire)

        I’ve checked some other Imagevue sites using mobile and they run fine, so it’s not the phone…



        • Sorry, you need to enable the html gallery for the mobile version to work. Go to admin -> settings -> settings.enableHTML. Enable it!

          Don’t worry, unlikely your html gallery itself will be accessed as either they will see the mobile version or the flash version.

  10. Kevin Carleo Posted 4 years ago

    I just did the upgrade to 2.8.1, and my startpage “Home” is not autoplaying anymore. Any ideas?

  11. alberto bernasconi Posted 4 years ago

    how can I check which version I’m using now?. I upload iv-admin and iv-includes, but did not upload imagevue.php and index.php because caused me trouble.

    • I believe I answered to you in the forum. Just add ?a=index to check your version. For example:

      What kinda problems do you have with the new imagevue.php file? I think you will need to upgrade all files, or you will have some other problems perhaps.

  12. Hi – I have upgraded but have a couple of issues:
    1. can’t get to the site with ‘’ (as I could previously), only with ‘’
    2. the flv in my Moving Images gallery will not play – it just blinks.
    Suggestions welcome.

  13. Hi

    I’m using Imagevue X2.6.4 V am afried to upgrade to X2.8.4 coz i have a lot of customize in my config and them.

    So is it ok to mak a new folder on the root of my website and upgrade it then check every thing it’s ok after that copy the inter folders and files to the Root ?

    Regards,, Bandar

    • Yes, it is ok … It should be fine, because all your customizations in the config/theme are saved in your /iv-config/ folder, and this folder you keep anyway …

  14. Andreas Goldhahn Posted 4 years ago

    since I updated to 2.8.4 flash and html is no more working. Any solution for that?
    Please look at:

    regards Andreas

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