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Imagevue Folder Passwords

Imagevue Folder Passwords

In Imagevue X2.5, we added pseudo folder password protection functionality. This means that you can set a password for any folder in your gallery from the Imagevue admin, and visitors will be prompted for a password if they try to access this folder.

The password-protection option in Imagevue is NOT an industry-grade secure protection scheme for your folders or galleries. Basically, it prevents your gallery visitors from viewing a specific folder/page from the Imagevue gallery, unless they know the password. It does not add protection to your images and folders outside of the Imagevue application.

See an example here (password: guest), or go to our demo gallery and navigate to Various Examples › Password Protection from the main menu.

How to set a password?

Set password from the Imagevue admin

Simply navigate to any folder in your Imagevue Control Panel, and you will see a field “Set Password” at the bottom left. Add your password, and click “save”.

To remove a password, simply navigate to your folder-protected folder and click the “x Remove” button above the password field.

How to set a global password for your gallery

You can also set a global password for your Imagevue gallery, so that visitors need to log in with password when the gallery first loads. To achieve this, simply navigate to your root content folder, and set your password here. Setting a password to your root content folder, will cause Imagevue to prompt for a password when the gallery first loads.

Improving security with htaccess (Apache only)

If you are concerned with file security for password-protected folders, you can use the provided htaccess.txt file to improve security. Copy this file from the root of your gallery, into your content/ folder, and then rename the file from “htaccess.txt” to “.htaccess”. This will prevent access to xml files which can be used to fish out the path to your files.

PS! This method only works on Apache servers, which is 90% chance your website is running from anyway. If you are uncertain if your server is running under Apache, go to Admin › Diagnostics › PhpInfo, and then search for “apache” or scroll down to the following line close to the bottom:


It should say something like:


Additional Info

  • There are now two new items in the language file: input_password and incorrect_password. If you are not using English, you may need to go to admin › languages and add values to these fields for your language.
  • Although this method is not true file/folder protection, we have also added password protection to the scripts that gets folder information from password-protected folders. This makes it very difficult for anyone to hack a password-protected folder … but not impossible
  • Password protection works with all access methods

8 Responses to "Imagevue Folder Passwords"

  1. When I set password for one of the folders all the subfolders are also password protected, which is perfectly fine. But, if I already entered a password once and trying to navigate to a lower level folder the app asks for password again.
    Is there a way o set the password such way so it will be required to enter it once?


    • Unfortunately, as of right now, Imagevue folder passwords are simply tied to the password where they are set. The only reason we add passwords recursively for subfolders, is for security … or else anyone could simply access a subfolder without a password! We simply do not properly support setting a password for a main folder and then have it inherited into subfolders, at least if trying to keep a single login …

  2. It is just a bit annoying to enter the password every time that you change the folder.

    • Yes. We will consider extending the functionality of folder passwords, but for now they are simply that: “folder passwords”.

  3. Hi, I cannot see any field for ‘password’, just the one with ‘feedback’ – can you please help me? Thank you…

    • Are you using Imagevue X2.5 or newer? I would need a link and login to your admin …

      • Hi, I´ve found my error soon as I wrote my mail: I just thought that I use the newest version but unfortunately it has not worked as I wanted it. I had to delete my very very old version of imagevue and set it up new from the sratch… but now it works…

  4. Dear,

    I don’t understand, some of my subfolders protected by the same password than the other subfolders doesn’t open (wrong password).

    I’ve just set One password for the folder, all the subfolders have the same password but 2 of them (until now) won’t open…

    Thanks for your quick answer it’s for my client access, they’re wainting…

    Best Regards

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