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Imagevue X2.1.5

Imagevue X2.1.5

September 22nd, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

A range of minor feature requests and some fixes. Most notably image-panning feature and IE8 internal links fix

  • ADMIN: New error reporting system
  • ADMIN: Now you can see which files won’t be displayed in front end
  • ADMIN: Auto cache cleaning on thumbnails creation
  • GENERAL: Now you can disable AutoTitling for images – (forum)
  • GENERAL: Some speedup
  • GENERAL: Integrated uservoice feedback in admin
  • SEO: Now you can add your counters, keywords and description code from settings
  • SEO: Option to disable sitemap
  • SWF: Internal links fixed for IE8 – (forum)
  • SWF: Added *_window option for all link items(filemod parameters, link feature, purchase feature, image+thumbnail assigned links). You can now open links in your choice of target window
  • SWF: Added image scrolling/panning when in zoom mode – (forum1)(forum2)
  • SWF: Added closebutton option for imagebuttons and maincontrols, if you dont want to use the default right side closebutton
  • SWF: Fix for mainmenu tooltip – filecount does not appear for textpages or filemods
  • SWF: Fix for thumbnail LINKS – (forum)
  • SWF: purchase button and/or link button (imagebuttons) only appear if their entries are not empty – (forum)
  • SWF: Improved error reporting for permissions. No duplicate entries.
  • SWF: mainmenu close_same_level setting now also closes open sublevels even if the clicked item is end node.
  • SWF: Added opacity settings for large arrow controls under THEMES – (forum)
  • SWF: Added basic up/down arrow indicators for textpage scrollbar. Added color settings in THEME – (forum)
  • SWF: Added basic scroll buttons for long image descriptions – (forum)
  • SWF: New slideshow END EVENT option: URL – (forum)
  • SWF: Fixed fullscreen button icon to display correctly in all conditions.
  • SWF: Fixed audioplayer startvolume setting – (forum)
  • SWF: Fixed longer delay for audioplayer after video, so it doesnt startup inbetween viewing video – (forum)

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