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Imagevue X2.5

Imagevue X2.5 released!

Imagevue X2.5

December 13th, 2010By mjau-mjau12 Comments

Imagevue X2.5 is a huge update with some awesome new features. Mainly, this new release includes a brand new admin which addresses several frequently requested features. The Beta version has already been out for two weeks, and since then, we have been working on a new facelift for the admin interface, and fixing a few bugs. We are ourselves very satisfied with the new admin, and feel it is more complete than ever!

Imagevue X2.5 DownloadX2 Gallery DemoX2 Admin Demo

X2.5 Highlights

This release focuses on a brand new admin, with new features, improved functionality and a new design. Main features at a glance:

Important Release Notes

  • Imagevue X2.5 requires PHP 5.1.3 or higher, and we no longer support PHP 4.x.
    Read more
  • With Imagevue X2.5, you are required to authorize your gallery. Read more
  • When logging in to the new admin, you no longer use {gallery}/imagevue/, but instead {gallery}/iv-admin/. This folder can now be renamed.
  • If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please read the Upgrade Instructions
  • Although this is now X2.5 final release, you can still post comments and feedback in the Imagevue X2.5 beta forum post

Imagevue X2.5 Updatelog

  • Brand New admin! – Read more
  • XML Cache. Makes your gallery run much faster! – Read more
  • Manual drag-and-drop sorting for folders and images – Read more
  • Rename the iv-includes/ (formerly imagevue/) admin folder to anything you like
  • Folder Password Protection – documentation
  • Added client-side resizing with SWFupload 2.5 uploader – documentation
  • Added Imagevue authorization – documentation
  • Folder Parameters / per-folder settings – documentationforum
    • New Parameters field in admin, where you can set folder-specific settings
    • Also works from Flashvars for settings on a per-document basis
  • Improved image loading in Textpages – No more white backgrounds before images in textpages have loaded, and now the images fade nicely in after they are loaded
  • support for loaded PNG transparency – forum
  • Added stylesheet for “ » “ separator in gallery thumbnails mode – forum
  • Fixed support for international characters in Audioplayer “Audio” and “Volume” text. Now supports special latin characters (like üúù). Also added CSS for these two items: .audioplayer_main, so now you can change font-style also. – forum
  • Fixed fullscreen toggle issues in various browsers – issueforum
    • Changed fullscreen icon graphics (for controls/buttons)
    • New option to go fullscreen after visitors first click anywhere – forum
  • Added option to reset zoom/scale state on next image event – forum
  • Added mousewheel support for image zoom and toggle thumbnails  – forum
  • Fixed “next image” loading problem when using the thumbnailscroller – forum
  • Improved thumbnailscroller interaction if large amounts of images in a folder – forum
    • Thumbnail-size in scroller is reduced if there is a large quantity of images in a folder and/or the visitors stage width is relatively small.
    • Thumbnails hover changed so that the scaled thumb does not interfere with next and previous thumbnail buttons.
  • Contact forms remember visitor name and e-mail after first input – forum
  • Thumbnails-mode now goes to specific thumbnails-page# corresponding to visitors last viewed image – forum
  • Updated SWFAddress.js and SWFObject.js
  • Fixed and cleaned some html/css in container document
  • Large Controls / Arrows
    • Removed largecontrols.align setting – forum
    • Improved UI and support for large controls in full-zoom mode
    • Selective display for Next/Previous arrow controls. If there is only a single thumbnails-page, arrow-controls do not appear. If visitor is on LAST thumbnails page, RIGHT arrow-control is deactivated. If visitor is on FIRST thumbnails page, LEFT arrow-control is deactivated. Imagemode: If there is a single image, arrow-controls do not appear – forum
  • Html tags stripped out of the page <title> – forum
  • Changed page <title> order for both flash- and Html gallery – forum
  • Fixed issue where wrong image text may display if rollover event is used – forum
  • File extensions are now stripped from automatic file titles – forum
  • Created optional loop toggle setting to stop looping between last and first image – forum
  • Right-click “contact” is available globally, except when right-clicking thumbs – forum
  • Audioplayer rollover canvas does not appear if there are no items to display – forum
  • Support for national characters in domain names

Why 2.5?

There are a few reasons why we decided to release this new version as 2.5:

  • X2.5 includes a brand new admin, designed from bottom up with a lot of important new features
  • X2.5 now required PHP5.1.3
  • X2.5 is generally a massive release

What’s next?

We are already looking forward to release Imagevue X2.6 for Christmas. In this release, we aim to include several requested features that we were not able to include in the 2.5 release: New horizontal menu, Fotomoto E-commerce integration, Social-media sharing, multiple backgrounds, and more. Stay tuned!

12 Responses to "Imagevue X2.5"

  1. Congrats for this major release, seems to be great but i would rather wait for the 2.6 as a christmas gift ;-) Thanks

  2. I was wondering is it possible to change on videos the date displayed. It displays the date uploaded not the date taken, is there a setting that can be changed to make that work?
    I’m talking about videos that I take myself, because I have the date on the images when they are taken, was hoping that there is something one can do to have it also display the taken date on videos rather than uploaded date.

    • We use EXIF data from iamges to extract exact date of photo taken. Unfortunately, this is no available to us from FLV video files. Where are you displaying the date?

  3. Or if there is a option to hide the date from videos. I’m displaying it using the Text feature under settings-image-text. Is it possible to hide only the date from videos only?

  4. Where is X2.6 now?

  5. Ohh, 2 bad. But thank you very much for your hard work.

  6. Version 2.5 – best choice!

  7. cool prog senks!

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