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Imagevue X2.5

Imagevue X2.5 Beta released!

Imagevue X2.5 Beta

November 29th, 2010By mjau-mjau35 Comments

Today, we released Imagevue X2.5 Beta, which is a huge update with some awesome new features. Mainly, this new release includes a brand new admin which addresses several frequently requested features.

Imagevue X2.5 is now released! Read more

35 Responses to "Imagevue X2.5 Beta"

  1. Christopher Grant Posted 6 years ago

    That’s a long list of new features and updates! Hope you guys got a vacation planned soon! Congrats!

  2. Mark Mouton Posted 6 years ago

    Looks excellent…downloading -;)

  3. Nice release!!!.
    Looks like you guys are working hard.
    Looking forward to Social-media sharing.

  4. Wim van Oel Posted 6 years ago

    I want to purchase imagevue, it looks nice.
    I have a question : my hoster cannot remove the mod_security apache module, which functions in the admin panel can not be used?

    • Mod_security might prevent multiple files uploader from working, but this actually depends on settings. Send us a contact message, we will help you to test it on your site.

      • Woody Woodward Posted 6 years ago

        Could I see a follow up to this? I have the same situation. We are a 1.x user, and are evaluating your upgrade vs picsengine and slideshowpro, Since yours is the only we cannot trial, the response to this issue would be very helpful for me.


        • Looks like on some servers incorrectly set up mod_security and suhosin are preventing swf uploaders from working properly. We couldn’t pinpoint exact settings that do bad, so we just recommend in our troubleshooting guide: /documentation/troubleshooting/ to turn the extensions off if you are having issues with swf uploader.

          However it doesn’t mean that those extensions are making sites incompatible with imagevue. We have suhosin installed on our own server and everything is fine.

          Trial can be arranged also, just drop us a message using contact form.

  5. Imagevue X2.6 release will publishedin in 2010.12.24 Christmas eve?

  6. Hi
    I’ve got a strange behaviour with the 2.5 Beta : I upgraded my previous 2.x version and in the content/ folder and each subfolder imagevuex shows a link to the upper level.

    For example within the content/ folder I see a “.” folder
    Within the content/test folder I also see a “test” folder

    Any idea how to fix this ?

  7. After seen many reports of this and that ID3, PHP5 ect..

    I really miss a minimum requirements on every new release/version…?

    So far this is still a beta, so before getting 100 posts in forums about bugs, a minimum requirements would stop 50% of all posts made ;)

    Myself won’t try i before I see a complete list of requirements :)

  8. PEWNE KRESKI Jakub Adamiak Posted 6 years ago

    When the 2.5 will be released?

  9. Translatation by google :

    I plan to create in the coming days a gallery to meet my needs as a photographer.
    To date, I managed to narrow down the possibilities to two galleries: yours, and another competitor.
    In a way, we can say that yours is leading the race ahead. What pleases me most is his sober style.
    However, I would have an option that seems to be missing at the moment.
    I wish I could offer, at least for some sections of the gallery, visitors can leave a comment, for example through a form dedicated to the filing of comments, even to the rigor through a guestbook.
    I believe if I read some pages, the opportunity to file comments is so far absent.
    So, is that the version 2.5 beta meets this need (I do not think) and if not, what is the next release scheduled for Christmas, in 2.6 will?
    Otherwise, the function of book is it available as a message could suggest (I think it dated from 2009)?

    I must admit that if not, I probably walked with a bit of regret, to rival the gallery (which, unfortunately, lack of sobriety).

    • We ARE going to add a Guestbook feature to Imagevue shortly, but not a Comments module.

      Basically, we believe Imagevue is inferior for comments, simply because the interface and platform is not suited for this. Comments work much better in html-based galleries/blogs with scrollbars, like Flickr etc. We cant just add scrollable vertical comments – Instead, we would need to use annoying interface elements to display comments. If anyone has an example of a flash website with a a functional comments interface, I would like to see this …

      Don’t you think most gallery-owners/photographers are just looking for some kinda Guestbook so that they can interact with the viewers and get general feedback?

      • Translation by google :

        First of all thank you for your reply.
        Indeed, in my mind adding comments in a photo gallery is not a necessity, because too often they tend to come parasitize the image.
        However, there is also a category of comments that are meant to be constructive and for those, this option could be interesting, but not to come to parasitize the image, this option should be, I believe, available only through the via a small icon next to that of “donwload image” for example.
        Another possibility, probably less aesthetic, is adding a module notes, always through an icon which will open a pop-up.
        I recognize that all this has a small side “very amateur”, but also a method, probably not very elegant, to know the printing of visitors on some images, a sort of barometer of assessment of registered images.
        The guestbook is probably the most elegant or professional, which already satisfy most visitors, and the photographer. Now, to make it as efficient as possible, I think he should already be accessed via the menu, but also through an icon (available from any image) that open a pop- up, still so as not to interfere in the image.
        The accessibility of the guestbook from any image is significant because it is not always an easy exercise and can also be seen as a burden sometimes. Hence the importance of using pop-up icon, for when the inspiration comes from a small text file on the guestbook, it is preferable not to forget, to do it quickly without leave to visit the gallery in progress.
        Concerning a possible flash gallery that allows the addition of comments, I was interested in a period Picsengine.
        That said, I dismissed this gallery of my selection as the author of this gallery has decided to radically change direction with the introduction of version 4 (it no longer controls the image storage), even if the Version 3 in flash, is still available, I doubt that it is updated now.
        The other concern in this gallery, including the new version, it’s his allergy to some browsers …
        You can see it here (flash version 3) : *link removed*

        • Thanks for the link. I checked it, and the comments module here is not bad at all. However, it is still available only from a very cluttered interface, and I think people simply will not use it … I would like to see a real-world (non-demo) example of this gallery where lots of comments are coming through…

          Guestbook would definitely be a feasible option, and it could be available both from the main menu and a button of course.

          I agree about your “barometer assessment” theory, but why create a comments module for something that it isn’t? Why not better have STATISTICS, and perhaps if necessary star-rating? People comment on blogs, and community sites like Flickr … They have little interested in commenting separate photos on individual portfolio-sites. If anything, they just want to give some perks to the photographer, and this can be done through a Guestbook instead …

          • Bien sûr, si un module de commentaires devait être intégré à ImagevueX, il faudrait dans l’idéal, qu’il puisse être activé ou désactivé afin de répondre à chaque cas particulier des photographes.
            Concernant l’idée d’un “baromètre d’appréciation” (évaluation), la solution qui consisterait à faire apparaître ce baromètre, visuellement, sous la forme d’étoiles (à la façon de Lightroom, par exemple) répondrait probablement à de nombreuses attentes de photographe. Cela me semble une piste tout à fait envisageable, surtout si elle est techniquement plus facile à mettre en place pour vous, et qui sera sûrement plus esthétique qu’un module de commentaires.
            Bien sûr, il faudrait également que cette option puisse être activée ou désactivée.
            Ceci dit, à mon avis, la priorité reste l’ajout d’un livre d’or.
            Je ne sais pas si c’est une bonne idée, et si c’est techniquement envisageable, mais un pop-up pourrait apparaître lorsque le visiteur quitte le site (la galerie), après être resté un certain temps à regarder des images (dans l’idéal, ce temps serait paramétrable, du style 5, 10, 15 minutes, par exemple), pop-up qui proposerait aux visiteurs de laisser un petit mot sur le livre d’or avec deux boutons par exemple, oui ou non.
            Pourquoi ce délai de temps avant le déclenchement du pop-up ?
            Par ce que on peut supposer qu’une personne qui reste assez longtemps sur le site à regarder les images, les apprécie, et qu’il sera, par conséquent, plus enclins à écrire quelques lignes.
            À la rigueur, et toujours si c’est dans le domaine du possible, il faudrait que ce pop-up ne se déclenche pas à chaque visite d’une même personne, mais peut-être seulement lors de la première (afin de ne pas agacer le visiteur). Ou mieux, à la fin de sa deuxième visite, car si il prend la peine de revenir, c’est probablement parce qu’il apprécie les images exposées.
            Comme je le disais, je ne sais pas si c’est une bonne idée, mais qui sait…
            Un livre d’or classique, ça sera déjà bien.

            Et pour votre information, j’ai décidé d’utiliser ImagevueX. Je vais attendre la sortie de la version 2.6 qui, si j’ai bien compris, est prévue pour Noël. En espérant que le livre d’or fasse parti des nouveautés de cette version, ou que sinon, elle ne tarde pas.

            Translation by google.

            Of course, if a module comments should be incorporated into ImagevueX, should ideally, it can be enabled or disabled to meet the particular case of photographers.
            On the idea of a “barometer of appreciation” (evaluation), the solution would be to show that barometer, visually, in the form of stars (in the way of Lightroom, for example) would probably respond to many expectations of the photographer. That sounds like a track quite possible, especially if it is technically easier to develop for you, and will surely be more attractive as a module comment.
            Of course, it would also have this option can be enabled or disabled.
            That said, in my opinion, the priority remains to add a guestbook.
            I do not know if it’s a good idea, and if it is technically feasible, but a pop-up could appear when the visitor leaves the site (gallery), after spending some time looking at pictures (in Ideally, this time would be configurable, style 5, 10, 15 minutes, for example), pop-ups that would offer visitors to leave a little note on the guestbook with two buttons, for example, yes or no.
            Why this period of time before the onset of pop-ups?
            By what we can assume that a person who remains on the site long enough to look at the pictures, like them, and it will therefore be more inclined to write a few lines.
            In a pinch, and always if it is in the realm of possibility, it would have to pop-up does not fire at each visit by the same person, but perhaps only at the first (so as not annoy the visitor). Or better at the end of his second visit, because if he takes the trouble to return, probably because he appreciates the images displayed.
            As I said, I do not know if it’s a good idea, but who knows …
            A classic book, it will be well.

            And for your information, I decided to use ImagevueX. I’ll wait for the release of version 2.6, which I understand is scheduled for Christmas. Hoping that the book makes use of new in this release, or otherwise, it is not long.

  10. Nicols P Dennis Posted 6 years ago

    The one feature which i would love to see is the ability for viewers to leave comments on photo’s, thats the one reason why I am currently trying to completely integrate with wordpress.

    • Woody Woodward Posted 6 years ago

      I also agree on this point. I do not think comments are per-se needed, but there needs to be a mechanism for visitors to rank the images. This is important for clients reviewing a set of images and providing interactive feedback. The star’s is a good idea. Or just a thumbs up or thumbs down opinion.

      Since you are planning to incorporate purchasing option in future Imagevue, it would make sense to have some sort of like/dislike option so they can just add all the likes to the cart and order it.

  11. R D Naaijen Posted 6 years ago

    More changes!! :D

    Textpages: Please make the scrollbar more visible, my experience is that lots of old people dont see the scrollbar as it is right now!

    Hybrid (whine, whine): Check the image attached!

    • You can already change the scrollbar color by going to Admin › Themes › Edit your theme › textpage.background.scrollbar_color

      By default, it is set to be the same color as the textpage background in themes.

  12. Wim van Oel Posted 6 years ago

    Is there any difference in features and/or functionality between imagevue commercial and imagevue private ?

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