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Imagevue X2.8.4

Imagevue X2.8.4

September 30th, 2012By mjau-mjau5 Comments

Imagevue X2.8.4 › A few minor fixes to various issues, and a few functional updates.

How to Upgrade

  • Fix for Fotomoto bug
  • Renamed jquery.cookie.js to prevent issues on some servers
  • Zoom images in Mobile version
  • Custom Mobile ‘Add to Home Page’ text
  • CSS classes available for tabs in settings (so they can be hidden if necessary)
  • Support for m4v video extension
  • Improved Video Thumbnail Creation
  • FFMPEG creates video thumbnail from 3 sec offset

5 Responses to "Imagevue X2.8.4"

  1. Just aplied this update, although in Admin it says version Imagevue X2.8.3.1 .

    Where can i find the custom mobile ‘add to home page’text. i now have a strange text full with empty html tags.


  2. done, and corrected i see. I even found the custom mobile ‘add to home page’text under languages.

    Thanks Nick.

  3. Martino Buzzi Posted 4 years ago

    Upgraded and now I am unable to use some special characters such as ó é í … in folder description :-(

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