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Imagevue X2.0

Imagevue X2.0

December 24th, 2008By mjau-mjauNo Comments

Merry Christmas everyone! This is Final(non-beta) release of Imagevue X2Read more

  • Added new theme firestarter – See it here
  • Added new slideshow filemod – read more
  • Added new [close] button for image mode. Returns to thumbnails on click
  • Changed default behaviour or imageclick -> now goes to NEXT image(instead of thumbnails)
  • Fixed ‘globalpath’ parameter no longer required for custom page integrations(html+swf) from “remote” locations
  • Added background color option for audioplayer in theme config
  • Fixed “breadcrumbs” above thumbnails so they display folder titles, instead of physical folder names.
  • Added “titlepath”(breadcrumbs) option for image text descriptions also. Disabled by default.
  • Added zoom-in and zoom-out options available for maincontrols.
  • Added language setting for changing text between numbers(Ex. 1/4 or 1 of 4).
  • Improved some CSS
  • Added sheet> setting to theme config for applying optional theme stylesheets
  • Added “universal_font.css” stylesheet to “gardener” and “bluedragon” themes, to provide an optiona for international characters and rich text formatting.
  • Fixed rollover event descriptions(f.ex EXIF data) to re-appear when using keycontrols to navigate images, and mouse is already over image.
  • Fixed bug with imagebuttons
  • Fixed bug with startmode=image when accessing a textpage or filemod page from #SWFaddress in initial link
  • On FLV/video, slideshow playing now stops
  • Fixed language/text for all controls added as “imagebuttons” (togglefullscreen said ‘undefined’)
  • Fixed bug with maincontrols not hiding if only one thumbnails page(bug came in latest release)
  • can now be set to “link” to open external links on image click
  • Fix for thumbnailscroller scrollbar when scrolling and moving mouse out of screen
  • fixed preloader horizontal location for “send image”
  • Fixed fullscreen -> goes to normal screen mode when forms appear on screen(contact, send by email).
  • Fixed resize-transition tint so that it inherits image frame color. Looks better with black frame(or any other color)
  • Fixed so that arrowcontrols don’t initially appear in top left corner if startmode=image.
  • Added/fixed “shadow” settings for mainmenu folderdescriptions and imagebuttons
  • Fixed thumbnails tooltip – Does not display empty tooltip if ‘title’ is disabled and ‘descritpion’ is empty.
  • Added new controls.keycontrols toggle in config to enable or disable keyboard controls (next/previous/togglethumbnails/toggleplay)
  • Thumbnail from maincontrols scrollbar function now inherits frame color and frame width from main thumbnails
  • Fixed bug for config item mainmenu.horizontal_margin – now works properly
  • Changed download function – Now uses native flash downloader. Fixes download bug in IE
  • Fixed bug with various randomimage scripts(f.ex photoblinds) not working in embedDemo.html or custom pages.
  • Fixed imagebuttons.autohide = false setting
  • Added new setting mainmenu.x_offset to position main menu horizontally from top left corner. Default was and is 10.
  • language editor fix
  • css editor with default.css auto-merge
  • user theme config moved to config/themeName/
  • exif fractions are simplified – 5/300 -> 1/60
  • file size check added to yuiuploader
  • titlePath added to ?a=folder
  • basic auth added – for .htaccess authorization
  • multiple ownerEmails allowed
  • in email you can use [path] [directory] and [file] in sendlink action
  • fixed bug with altGr+a in some national layouts
  • fixed bug with ?dir/file_.ext urls when file contained underscore
  • changed all paths in html to ?dir/file.ext
  • removed double useCache from config
  • enableHTML config option added
  • html contact form is now being reset on success to prevent double postings
  • Fixed empty arrays in config

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