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Imagevue X2.7

Imagevue X2.7 is released!

Imagevue X2.7

May 24th, 2011By mjau-mjau20 Comments

Imagevue X2.7 is a huge update with several new major features, as well as loads of of minor features and bug fixes. You will find optional e-commerce with the new Fotomoto module, multiple language support, as well as huge improvements to the admin, flash- and html-gallery in general!

X2.7 Highlights

The updatelog for this release is enormous, so we have made a summary of important features:

  • Fotomoto E-commerce › Shopping Cart & E-commerce integration – Docs | Demo
  • Multiple Languages › Multiple language support – Docs | Demo
  • Folder Caching › Faster gallery switching with folder caching in SWF
  • New Sharing Menu › Endless Options for the sharing menu – Docs
  • New Menu Icons › Add any icons to your menu – Docs
  • Improved Form functionality › Dramatically improved form functionality in the Gallery
  • Flash features and bug fixes › Loads of fixes and new features!
  • Revamped HTML Gallery › Plenty of new features for the Html gallery!
  • New Admin functionality › loaded with new Admin features!

Important Release Notes!

We have moved the config folder to the gallery root folder /iv-config/, so that upgrading future versions will be easier. Basically, all user-changes from the admin are now stored in this folder, and it can easier by excluded when upgrading. There is a migration script included in X2.7 that will auto-migrate all files and delete the old folder, so the process should be entirely transparent. However if some issues arise, you can move your user-files manually from /iv-includes/config/ to /iv-config/ – Make sure you’ve renamed configUser.xml to config.xml

Imagevue X2.7 Updatelog

Flash Gallery
  • Added Shopping Cart & E-commerce integration with FotomotoDocs | Demo
  • Added support for multiple languages in file- and folder titles- and descriptions, text-pages and link (menu- and link function) – Docs | Demo
    Example input:
    [english]This is an English title[/english][french]Il s'agit d'un titre français[/french]
    • When accessing the gallery with ?language=english (or no parameter), it will show the English text, and when accessing the gallery with ?language=french, it will show the French text.
    • You can still use standard single-language input for those item where you don’t need/want multi-language support. In other words, this feature is optional per field.
    • In the example above, there is 2 languages, but you can add as many as you like.
    • If a language is used that a text is not made for, it will use the text from the first language item.
  • Added internal SWF folder caching to speed up the gallery. This feature comes into effect when loading a folder that has already been viewed once in the same session. Next time the same folder is viewed, it does not need to load the folder data.
  • Added support for frontend thumbnails creation from the Imagevue gallery. If you don’t create thumbnails for new images from the admin, they will be created on first visit of the gallery. However, we still recommend using the admin to create all thumbnails.
  • Added optional rounded corners for thumbnails. Sets a slightly rounded corner on the thumbnail frame. Looks best with frames that are wider than 1 px, or when using the box-setting
    theme › thumbnails.thumbnails.frame.rounded
  • Added optional thumbnail background-box. Sets a symmetrical background-frame for all folders that contain different-size thumbnails (resize-to-box). Has no effect for folders where all thumbnails are the same size – Forum
    theme ›
  • Added support for hundreds of social icons in the main menu. As long as they are available in the AddThis services list, you can use them in the Imagevue menu. To add an icon to a menu item, simply navigate to the folder from your admin, and change the title to “[servicecode]Title Here”. Full overview of available icons can be viewed here. Also, larger icons are displayed in the menu folderdescription tooltip when using a social icon, unless you have defined another previewimage. – Documentation
  • Added support for custom icons in the menu. Simply copy any icons you want to use into your iv-includes/images/icons/ folder, and add them to any menu-item simply by referring to them through the title. For example:
    [filename]Folder Title

    We recommend using 16x16px icons, but you can also use larger icons up to 32px. We have already included a selection of icons in the iv-includes/images/icons/ folder that you can use in your menu as desired. – Documentation

  • Added new node-graphic for menu items that contain sub-folders. This graphic is effectively substituting the [+] and characters that earlier have emphasized a sub-folder. Now, this item can not be toggled on/off with CSS any longer, but instead uses the setting:
    settings › menu.mainmenu.items

    The color is by default inherited from theme foreground_color, but can be changed manually:

    theme › menu.mainmenu.menuitem.node_color
  • Added support for all sharing services that are available in the AddThis services list. Simply add the code of any service to the sharing services setting. – Forum | Docs.
    settings ›
  • Added email as an option in the share menu. The email button uses the Imagevue sendlink e-mailer, unlike the other sharing services which use the external AddThis API – Forum.
    settings ›
  • Added new option sharebutton_click under sharing settings, which sets the mouse-click event for the main share button. If set to ‘menu‘, mouse-click will toggle the native Imagevue sharing menu. If set to ‘extended‘, mouse-click will display the sharing popover html layer with extended sharing options, just like the ‘more‘ button. Also, if all services are disabled from the sharing settings, the sharebutton click will default to open the extended menu, since there are no items to display in the native menu.
    settings › misc.sharing.sharebutton_click
  • Added support for Flash transparency. You can use this feature to display Html behind the Imagevue gallery, although we do not recommend this because of performance issues and obvious placement issues. To apply this feature, you need to add
    wmode: 'transparent'

    and flashvar:

    transparent: true

    into your document. Normally this is achieved by editing iv-includes/templates/ unless you have a custom html document. – Forum

  • Added auto sorting setting for the audio player. This way, audio tracks can now be sorted manually from the admin if required.
    settings › audioplayer.sorting
  • Improved Form functionality
    The following features are available to all pages/modules with input fields: contact form, send-link form and password form:
    • The gallery does not exit from full-screen any longer when input form pages appear. Instead, the gallery exits from full-screen only if visitor clicks an input field. On form submission, the gallery attempts to go full-screen again if it was in this state before the form was focused.
    • Fixed fullscreen_click bug scenario. Gallery goes full-screen on first click, only if visitors first click is NOT a form input field.
    • Text in input fields for contact form and send-link form are retained after submit. This way if there is an error, the visitor can go back without loosing any of the text they entered.
    • Contact window closes automatically after successful submission, just like the send-link window (does not work for contact form embedded in textpage)
    • Added basic error indicators (red) when fields are not filled by visitor. All required fields must be filled before the visitor can click “send”.
    • “Tab” through form items with “enter” key (except for multiline input fields)
    • “Enter” key submits forms if “send” button is in focus.
  • Add new theme CSS classes for the main menu. – CSS Docs
    .mainmenu_password {}
    .mainmenu_share {}
    .mainmenu_level1 {}
    .mainmenu_level2 {}
    .mainmenu_level3 {}
    .mainmenu_level4 {}
    .mainmenu_level5 {}
  • Added Inverse Controls option to inverse the direction of all next/previous controls in the gallery. Useful in certain slideshows where you want the left/previous button to show the next image in order, photo-blog style.
    settings › controls.inverse_controls
  • Added new setting scale_limit, which prevents the image from scaling larger than 100% of original size when the visitor uses the zoom buttons. – Forum
    settings › image.image.scale_limit
  • Added the possibility to run Imagevue-native functions directly from the main menu – Forum.
  • Added “View in Html” feature, which allows the visitor to switch the gallery to the corresponding html page from the flash gallery. This feature is available under settings for image-click, thumbnails-click, main-controls, image-buttons and right-click – Forum.
  • Added new mainmenu items setting. Now you can choose what items to display in the main menu, instead of using CSS to hide them.
    settings › menu.mainmenu.items
  • Added new video loop setting for the video player.
    settings ›
  • Added more context buttons to videos. Available items are inherited from imagebuttons, excluding items that do not apply for video files.
  • Added new feature auto-open image if there is only 1 image in the folder. It will skip thumbnails mode and open image directly. – Forum
  • Added toggleplay option to imagebuttons, and fixed icon – Forum
    settings › image.imagebuttons.buttons
  • Added new setting show_title to enable or disable titles for textpages without having to use CSS.
    settings › textpage.show_title
  • Removed embedded social media icons in the Imagevue SWF, because now we load external icons for share and main menu. This shaves off 30kb.
  • Fixed occasional bug in menu, where the menu does not collapse properly after moving mouse cursor out of menu – Forum.
  • Fixed small bug in calculation of menu width, and changed default theme-config so that menu is more compact by changing the minimum_width value from 200 to 0:
    theme › menu.mainmenu.menuitem.minimum_width
  • Fixed active state for current menu item when gallery is accessed through a # direct link – Forum.
  • Fixed so that Imagevue exits fullscreen when clicking a share button as to accommodate the sharing window for the specific service.
  • Fixed disable preview-image for folders with password-protection. Preview-image only becomes available after successful login to folder – Forum.
  • Fixed bug with large controls where the arrows may get stuck when navigating between images at different width – Forum
  • Fixed Textpage bug, where long textpages sometimes appear without scrollbar, cropped by the stage – Forum.
  • Fixed Textpage bug when using multiple instances of the same image in a single textpage.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of share-button in thumbnails page that occurs sometimes- Forum
  • Fixed position of thumbnails tooltip for folders with variable (resize-to-box) thumbnail sizes.
  • Fixed largecontrols so that when autohide=false, it does not show the background color behind the arrow-buttons. – Forum
    settings › controls.largecontrols.autohide
  • Fixed Share button in imagebuttons to only display if sharing is globally enabled – Forum
    settings › misc.sharing.enabled
  • Fixed bug in thumbnail-scroller where preview-image may not appear if mouse hovers over the thumbnail while it attempts to load.
  • Fixed bug in thumbnails page buttons, when resizing browser up and thumbnails update to display a single page.
  • Fixed warning in IE for swfmacmousewheel.js
  • Fixed wmode:opaque transparency issues in various browsers for compatibility with external services like Addthis, Facebook and Fotomoto.
  • Fixed Z-index issue for share-button in thumbnails mode. Now, the thumbnails tooltip hovers in front of the share button.
  • Fixed so that maincontrols items can be accessed from folder parametersForum
    settings › controls.maincontrols.items
Admin / Html
  • New: Fotomoto integration
  • New: Revamped HTML Gallery
  • New: Multi-language support in Flash and HTML galleries
  • New: Improved Caching
  • New: Thumbnails are created from the Gallery, no need to login to admin
  • New: GPS Location in HTML Gallery
  • New: Sharing in HTML Gallery
  • New: Custom icons for menu items
  • New: “View as: Text” in Admin
  • New: Folder Preview Image can be removed
  • New: Keyboard controls in HTML gallery
  • New: Video and Audio Player in HTML Gallery and Admin
  • New: Custom thumbnails for non-image files
  • New: Editor for Email Templates
  • New: Custom CSS editor
  • New: Force From in Emails which helps to resolve email issues with GoDaddy
  • New: BCC: Owner when somebody shares a link
  • New: Automated Authorization check in admin
  • New: Files/Folders stats
  • New: Disable Admin Bar setting
  • New: Disable EXIF/IPTC settings
  • New: Ability to overwrite files on upload
  • New: iPad stylesheet added, removes the link to Flash Gallery on iPad
  • New: Random sorting for files
  • New: Sitemap speed up
  • New: Portuguese Language added
  • New: Icelandic Language added
  • New: Latvian Language added
  • New: Disabling Meta info does not disable sorting on date taken
  • New: Flash player auto-detect
  • New: XMP support in meta-data
  • Fixed: Improved XML error handling
  • Fixed: Custom thumbnail creator is now correctly calculates thumbnail scale ratio
  • Fixed: Missing titles for mp3 files on some servers
  • Fixed: Better auto-expanding textareas
  • Fixed: Minus sign is allowed in folder titles
  • Fixed: Spaces in paths don’t break links in emails (not that it’s recommended to use spaces)
  • Fixed: Cache is being recreated if there is an error in XML
  • Fixed: For for image sharing for IIS/Win servers
  • Fixed: Small improvements in admin
  • Fixed: Default files sorting
  • Fixed: IE9 Fixes
  • Fixed: Bug with multiple background selectors
  • Fixed: Better indexing

What’s next?

Horizontal menu, Guestbook, new video-player with youtube support, new themes, dedicated touchpad- and mobile versions, native stats, Ken Burns filemod.

20 Responses to "Imagevue X2.7"

  1. My congratulatons!
    What an impressive list of new features and fixes.

    Thank you for all the efforts.


  2. gr8 work again. but i´m missing guestbook function… it should be in this version. am i right? thx

  3. Well done gentlemen! Congratulations and thank you.

  4. cannot use the @ in contact forms. Bug?

  5. I have upgraded my homepage to X2.7 and included the webshop option to a selection of the pictures.
    Seems to work like a charm :)
    Thank you for a great product, i´m really satisfied :)))

    Bjorn L.

  6. New Docs for X2.7 – How to use graphic icons in the Imagevue main menu:

  7. Martino Buzzi Posted 5 years ago

    Great new version…. I’m waiting to read the doct to understand how to use multilanguage!

  8. What do we call frozen water?

    great cms! is better and better now! i like…

  9. Carlos Osterling Posted 5 years ago

    I downloaded, then uploaded all the files, but my site looks disorganized as if a CSS file was missing. Some fonts are windows default, tables are not centered as in the sample. etc. Any extra step I shoud take besides uploading the files and folders (minus content folder)?

  10. You need to “hard-refresh” your browser, or preferably delete/empty the browser cache. Your display disorder is from old files mixing with new ones …

  11. oxygenium79 Posted 5 years ago

    Nice, but where is a search engine? I’d like to have some kind of search engine on my website.

    • Search engine … What for though? People are gonna come to your gallery and search for “bird” or some specific image? Imagevue is first and foremostley a Portfolio …

  12. oxygenium79 Posted 5 years ago

    So what? Being a portfolio with search engine is something bad? You can always disable this function… What if I have to find something quickly in my portfolio? I’d like to have this option.

  13. oxygenium79 Posted 5 years ago

    Oh – lack of this option is the only reason, I have not bought it yet. Convinced now? :-)

    • We are adding new things to Imagevue all the time, and if it was easy and if we truly believed a search interface would look elegant in Imagevue, then we would add it. Until then, we are working with priorities and this unfortunately is not highest on the list because it would be an inferior feature in Imagevue compared to other applications. Your feedback is appreciated!

  14. oxygenium79 Posted 5 years ago

    Search engine does not have to be elegant (ok, if it is elegant, of course), it has to work and be usefull :-) And it can be disabled, as any other feature, if someone doesn’t like it or doesn’t need it.
    OK, so I have to wait. For now Imagevue is almost perfect. Let you add a search engine, and it become perfect to me.

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