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Imagevue X2.1.3

Imagevue X2.1.3

July 8th, 2009By mjau-mjauNo Comments

This release is aimed to fix IE8 related bugs, almost no new functionality added.

  • ADMIN: IE8 Wysiwyg editor fix
  • ADMIN: Firefox Wysiwyg editor truncated text fix
  • ADMIN: Rotation bug fixed
  • ADMIN: Zero-length folderdata.xml bug fixed
  • ADMIN: Uploaders missing button in IE8 fixed
  • ADMIN: Recursive directory deletion fixed
  • FRONTEND: Internal linking fixed for IE8
  • GENERAL: Exif data overflow fix
  • GENERAL: 403 Removed for Windows hostings on IIS with custom error pages
  • GENERAL: SWFUpload updated to 2.2.0
  • GENERAL: SWFAddress updated to 2.3
  • GENERAL: getID3 updated to 1.7.9

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